Monday, December 1, 2008

You Stay Classy Cleveland

This has been a brutal year for the Browns. It started with such high hopes. Didn't take long to crash and burn. It's a familiar feeling.

Yesterday our QB, Derek Anderson, went down with an injury with about a minute to go in the game. At this point the season is already lost. The fan favorite QB, Brady Quinn, is done for the year. There isn't much to play for but pride. The Browns still had a small chance to pull out a win, but there isn't all that much riding on the rest of the season.

So what do we (Brown's fans) do? We boo Anderson. Nice.

Here's a guy who went to the pro-bowl last year and lead the team, improbably, to the brink of the playoffs. A few weeks ago he got benched. I was all for it. It didn't seem like Anderson was going to be the long term answer at QB and, with the season down the tubes, we HAD to try to find out what Quinn could do. All Anderson ever did, though, was play his butt off to the best of his ability.

And, we boo him. After an injury. After the game Anderson said a few things to the effect of "he knows we don't like him" and "I'm not trying to drop balls and lose games for us. I know you guys think that sometimes." I don't blame him one bit for being pissed off. He deserves better this. Anyone would.

I hope that the people who booed just happened to be a loud minority of jerks. It makes me embarrassed to be a Brown's fan. I love my team, and I love my city. I've talked a lot about how Cleveland "deserves" this and that. Maybe we don't deserve a damn thing.