Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Appreciation of Captain Cheesburger

Alright, I'm a Cleveland guy, and I'm very happy to report that Capt. Cheeseburger (AKA CC Sabathia) was at it again last night. 8 innings, 11K. And another HUGE win for the bottom dwelling Tribe. CC now has a 1.96 Era with 104 K and 18BB since the end of April.

Hey we have to enjoy him while we can before he is traded and eventually signed by the huge sucking east coast vortex that swallows all high priced free agents in their ever escalating quest for world domination.

One person who would not be sad to see CC go is Gellman form over at the incomparable Sports Cards Uncensored. He recently wrote about CC and dubbed him Capt Cheeseburger.

While funny, I'm not sure the moniker is completely appropriate I mean look at the way he fills out that uniform. I know you all must see what I see. "svelte" and "athletic" are two adjectives that immediately come to mind. If you knew nothing about baseball you would still look at this card and KNOW that you are holding a picture of a world class athlete.

Also, as to Gellman's claim that CC is a "BFB". I'm pretty sure that those pitches just kind of slipped out of his hand. It's just one hell of a huge coincidence that they always seem to come after giving up big hits and home runs. I really don't understand how you could see it any other way. OR, maybe his fingers were a little greased up from eating cheeseburgers between innings. Hasn't that ever occurred to you man, sir?

Anyway, I was thinking with his recent success, the capt at least deserves a promotion to colonel or even general. He is one of the few bright spots in this suckfest of a season so far. When he is inevitably gone he will be missed. For is K's and his girth. In Cleveland he kind of fits right in there.

I also think it's time to add some bacon. General Bacon Cheeseburger. Yeah, that does have a nice ring to it.

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