Friday, June 27, 2008

Let the great experiment begin!

I will now attempt to scan and download a card. This is historic in that I have not used the interwebs for anything other than email, ESPN, IMDB, and porn. Never has it occured to me to actually try to download anything. I'm sure this is all terribly interesting to you, faithful reader.

Anyway, I believe I have successfully scanned the card into my computer. The card that I have chosen for this historic occasion is decidedly uninteresting to look at. It is, however, a player who set a career high in strikouts last night and is leading the league in wins. I'm talking about none other than fireballer Cliff Lee!

We love him because he looks like Don Flamenco incarnate.
Fuck Yeah! Success! I AM ALL THAT IS MAN!!!
OK, so it's over there on the left side of the page. I didn't expect it to be there but so freakin' what. You have to understand how exciting this is for someone who is a complete moron with computers.

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