Friday, June 27, 2008

Question #1

OK, so I'm starting to slowely figure out this whole blog thing. You're not dealing with morons here. In only a few short hours I was able to add links to the side of my blog for some of the better, more well written and informative blogs. There are only 2 so far but with more to come. Eventually I plan on being able link to something from right in the middle of the text of one of my posts. I'm crappin' you negative! That crazy shit is possible nowadays. Like I said, you aren't dealing with morons here.

Well lets get to my first question: Is there any good software out there that I can use to catalog and organize my collection?

I considered trying to use the list section on This seemed like a fantastic idea at first. I could even subscribe to the online price guide!! Good times all around. then I went to ebay and realized that Beckett is just a couple of guys who are full of shit and making stuff up. More on this late. Suffice it to say that I decided not to subscribe to their wonderful service. Nevermind the fact that it would have taken me to the age of 87 to load all of my cards in.

So if anyone has any suggestions for cataloging software it would be greatly appreciated.

You know, 1 question seems like enough for now. Peace out mofos.


capewood said...

Welcome to the Baseball Card Blogosphere (BCB). I've been hoping to see another blogger use this phrase for weeks but no luck yet. Anyway, how to catalog your cards? If you do a search on Google for "baseball card software" you'll get a few hits. I can't vouch for any of them but a few look interesting. I have a Mac at home and the few I looked at are for Windows so I can't even try them out. I started out using Microsoft Plan (and early version of Excel) on a Mac in the late 1980s. I graduated to Excel until my collection got too big. I've been using a database program called FileMaker since the early 1990s. It works on both Windows and Macs. It comes with templates which could be adapted to catalog baseball cards (or any sort of collection). But you'd have to do a lot of customizing. I like it because I an modify it anyway I want. I have an interlocking set of files for my collection. But I think these days, if you've got a decent computer (even if it's Windows based) that Microsoft Excel would do nicely. Excel has some database capabilities but I don't know much about that. There are some cheaper spreadsheets available which might do the trick as well.

Good luck!

Motherscratcher said...

Thanks for the advice. I did do a google search and saw a few things but really have no way to determine if any are any good. I thought about excel and am somewhat familiar with it so I may go with that. I thought maybe someone would tell me "Get Bla bla bla. It's fantastic!". Thanks again. I'll see you around the BCB.