Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I know that posts have been sparse recently and I just wanted to let everyone who may be a little depressed, a little down in the dumps because they haven't gotten their fix of ACB that there is a reason for the lack of high quality entertainment spewing forth gloriously from this site.

It's all my wife's fault.
AS some of you may remember, my wife is expecting our first child whom I'll affectionately refer to as "Little Larry". Little Larry was behaving marvelously up until last Friday when he decided to start becoming the little pain in the ass that I'm sure I deserve due to all of the pain in the assery that I engaged in as a youth. He figured that the world sounded so wonderful he wanted to get out early and take a quick look around. My theory is Little Larry is a dog lover and wants to see just who in the heck is making all of that noise every time another dog walks by on the sidewalk. Problem is his arrival is set for early December.
So, my wife has been in the hospital to get things back to normal. Everything looks good. She is doing well and hopefully will be home tomorrow. But she will be on bed rest. This situation will leave me in charge of, well, everything. This may not be the best idea since I'm about as capable of running a household as Clark Griswold is of planning and executing a vacation. I do however, plan to rise to the challenge and surprise the hell out of everyone, mother-in-law included.
All of this is just to tell you that posts will be sporadic due to the fact that, in our crazy western culture, wives and children remain more important than baseball cards.
I want to let everyone know that I've received a few packages lately that are unbelievably awesome. Just phenomenal. I will get posts up about them as soon as I have enough time to do them justice. I'll start with a thank you right here, with more to come, hopefully within the next week.
I also have found another player to add to the "Gold Tooth Mafia", so I'm very excited about that too.
I'm not trying to raise any alarms. Everything does look OK. Just wanted to explain the drop off in posts. I'll be around occasionally to leave my usual, ridiculously nonsensical, and completely unfunny comments.
Peace Out Mofos.


capewood said...

Just take care of the wife and Little Larry. We'll wait for you.

--David said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well!! No worries, we'll be watching for ya!

Dinged Corners said...

Hope all is well, best to the family. We miss your posts.