Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grady's Take On Acta

The hiring of Manny Acta by the Tribe has been met with a bit of trepidation in Cleveland. There are some who think (mostly because of his W/L record) that it was a terrible hire. There are some who think (mostly because Bobby Valentine is a nut job and they can't think of anyone better) that it was a good hire.

I fall more in line with the latter group, mostly because the people in the former group tend to be morons who think that RBIs (yes, RBIs with an 's'...I'm old school) matter (in that regard I'm decidedly not old school).

But, it doesn't matter what I think. I'm an idiot. That is not in dispute.

What matters is what Grady thinks.

No, not that Grady.

Yes, that Grady. He's the real brains here. What's his take?

Well, I'll show ya:

I think that says it all. It's perfectly clear.

Grady definitely is behind this hire and Manny Acta.

So long as Joel Skinner is never seen coaching 3rd base again. Ever.

I have to go with Grady on this.



I'm willing to give anyone a chance.I hope he proves my doubts wrong.I'll be behind him unless he starts pulling the same moves that have been done in the past.We need to go in a different direction!!

dayf said...

Manny's a smart guy and he should do well with some talent. Connie Mack could have risen from the grave and brought along Jesus as his third base coach and they still wouldn't have gotten more than 70 wins out of that Nats club.