Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome Back Dubber

Welcome Back, your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back, to the same old Blogs that we laughed about.

That's right Kids! Dubbs is back; and so is his great blog Cheese And Beer.

So head on over and see what he's been up to.

Dubbs has always been one of my favorite bloggers. It probably started when he left me a comment on one of my more ridiculous posts and called it "genius". Being ever so humble I immediately thought "It's about damn time somebody figured that out."

Dubbs is clearly a genius in his own right for recognizing my genius.

He's been up to a lot of stuff. One of his big announcements is that he is now a homeowner in South Carolina. He's got a picture up on his blog, but I cut and pasted it here in case any of you are too lazy or too pressed for time to hit the link and look for yourselves.

It is a sweet looking abode. I'm sure there's a nice rug in there somewhere tying the whole thing together nicely.

So, if you are here, you probably have a blog. If you do, go over there and add Cheese And Beer back to your list if it isn't already there. Welcome him back proper.

I always felt like Beardy, Dubbs, and I were like the 3 Musketeers. Well, the 3 Stooges at least. I like the 3 Stooges better anyway.


Dubbs said...

I am speechless. Your candor and generosity are beyond compare.

I especially like the photo you were able to obtain of my new house - and yes, there is a rug to tie it all together. Funny story behind the rug, but I will definitely get a post up soon about the rug.

Once again, you're the best friend in blogosphere that a guy could ask for. I feel like you and I could have been bunker buddies in World War II. I watch "Band of Brothers" and see you as Major Winters and me as Lt. Nixon. Sans the wool uniforms and german mortars. I got in contact with Beardy during the great Lebowski Cardfest, limited though our contact was. I am sure the future will produce more of that magic.

Three stooges is rather fitting.

beardy said...

I got dibs on Moe. He was the "handsome" one.

Welcome back Dubbs, and that's a sweet new pad you've got down there in South Cackalakka.

beardy is an alright dude. He can be a bit of a douche, but who isn't?

Am I wring?

PunkRockPaint said...

Well call me Shemp... 'Cause I love Cheese (and Beer.)