Monday, June 30, 2008

What about ebay?

Recently I've been spending an awful lot of time on ebay. It seems as if there is nothing that is not available. It kind of sneaks up on you too because you can spend a lot of money, a little bit at a time. $6 here - no problem. $5-there - piece of cake. $17.25 - yeah but look what I'm getting! So you end up spending $50-60 all in one day.

Then what happens? The next day you're back on ebay "just looking" You have to go back there to leave feedback and other stuff right? What's the harm in just taking a look around while you're there? You are watching those other cards anyway "just to get an idea what things are going for." Next thing you know, there goes another $42.37.

So far I've managed to keep myself in check reasonably well. What concerns me is I end up buying stuff that I wasn't looking for and don't really need (not that I NEED any of this, but you know what I mean). Every day is a new day to buy stuff and everything looks like a good deal. In a future post I put up the stuff that I've bought so far so everyone can tell me how bad I got screwed.

What I'd like to know now is how people determine what is a good deal? For example. I just bought the Rickey Henderson Topps RC that I've wanted since childhood for $12.50. Good deal? How the hell should I know? All I know is that I wanted it and I had $12.50 to spare. I guess I could look it up in my Beckett, but who give a crap what Beckett thinks it's worth? I'm sure it would make me feel good about myself though. That is until I see it going for $4 or something. So again, how do people determine what they will spend 0n a particular car/lot/box?

Another thing. I really like opening boxes and packs. There are a lot available on ebay. Should I be leary of them? Can people go through and somehow pick out the good packs and leave the junk? I usually feel better when a box is still wrapped in plastic. But, how hard would it be for someone to rewrap a box? I'm seriously asking. I have no idea.

Example of a box quandary: Growing up the 84 Mattingly was one of the most kick-ass cards any kid could have. I have one myself and I consider it one of the prizes of my collection. I could give a shit what Beckett thinks about its value. It's EXTREMELY valuable to me. The prospect of opening a pack of 84 Topps and finding one in there makes me positively giddy. It makes me feel 12 years old just thinking about it and what a monster pull that would have been considered back then. So then I find this on ebay:

What do I do? Do I bid on it? Is it to much of a risk that it's been tampered with? It's probably wax packs so those are probably easier to screw with? Would any of you get it? I just don't want to be a sucker.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks dudes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Appreciation of Captain Cheesburger

Alright, I'm a Cleveland guy, and I'm very happy to report that Capt. Cheeseburger (AKA CC Sabathia) was at it again last night. 8 innings, 11K. And another HUGE win for the bottom dwelling Tribe. CC now has a 1.96 Era with 104 K and 18BB since the end of April.

Hey we have to enjoy him while we can before he is traded and eventually signed by the huge sucking east coast vortex that swallows all high priced free agents in their ever escalating quest for world domination.

One person who would not be sad to see CC go is Gellman form over at the incomparable Sports Cards Uncensored. He recently wrote about CC and dubbed him Capt Cheeseburger.

While funny, I'm not sure the moniker is completely appropriate I mean look at the way he fills out that uniform. I know you all must see what I see. "svelte" and "athletic" are two adjectives that immediately come to mind. If you knew nothing about baseball you would still look at this card and KNOW that you are holding a picture of a world class athlete.

Also, as to Gellman's claim that CC is a "BFB". I'm pretty sure that those pitches just kind of slipped out of his hand. It's just one hell of a huge coincidence that they always seem to come after giving up big hits and home runs. I really don't understand how you could see it any other way. OR, maybe his fingers were a little greased up from eating cheeseburgers between innings. Hasn't that ever occurred to you man, sir?

Anyway, I was thinking with his recent success, the capt at least deserves a promotion to colonel or even general. He is one of the few bright spots in this suckfest of a season so far. When he is inevitably gone he will be missed. For is K's and his girth. In Cleveland he kind of fits right in there.

I also think it's time to add some bacon. General Bacon Cheeseburger. Yeah, that does have a nice ring to it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Question #1

OK, so I'm starting to slowely figure out this whole blog thing. You're not dealing with morons here. In only a few short hours I was able to add links to the side of my blog for some of the better, more well written and informative blogs. There are only 2 so far but with more to come. Eventually I plan on being able link to something from right in the middle of the text of one of my posts. I'm crappin' you negative! That crazy shit is possible nowadays. Like I said, you aren't dealing with morons here.

Well lets get to my first question: Is there any good software out there that I can use to catalog and organize my collection?

I considered trying to use the list section on This seemed like a fantastic idea at first. I could even subscribe to the online price guide!! Good times all around. then I went to ebay and realized that Beckett is just a couple of guys who are full of shit and making stuff up. More on this late. Suffice it to say that I decided not to subscribe to their wonderful service. Nevermind the fact that it would have taken me to the age of 87 to load all of my cards in.

So if anyone has any suggestions for cataloging software it would be greatly appreciated.

You know, 1 question seems like enough for now. Peace out mofos.

Let the great experiment begin!

I will now attempt to scan and download a card. This is historic in that I have not used the interwebs for anything other than email, ESPN, IMDB, and porn. Never has it occured to me to actually try to download anything. I'm sure this is all terribly interesting to you, faithful reader.

Anyway, I believe I have successfully scanned the card into my computer. The card that I have chosen for this historic occasion is decidedly uninteresting to look at. It is, however, a player who set a career high in strikouts last night and is leading the league in wins. I'm talking about none other than fireballer Cliff Lee!

We love him because he looks like Don Flamenco incarnate.
Fuck Yeah! Success! I AM ALL THAT IS MAN!!!
OK, so it's over there on the left side of the page. I didn't expect it to be there but so freakin' what. You have to understand how exciting this is for someone who is a complete moron with computers.

Birth of the Achiever Card Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Motherscratcher and I apparently have way too much time on my hands. For those who are wondering my name and blog title are taken directly from Coen Brother's movies. Not that anyone was wondering. Someone would have to read it first to wonder.

OK, lets get to it

1. Why did I make a card blog?

About a week ago I discovered my old baseball cards and fell into a sort of hallucinatory mania trying to get them organized. Basically I fell back in love. For how long I do not know.
I was on the interwebs looking for answers to my many questions and stumbled across some blogs. Most notably Sports Cards Uncensored. I thought it was fantastic. I figured that considering my abundance of intelligence and wit, not to mention my dashing good looks, hoards of people would flock to read all of the interesting things I have to say. This may be a good way to get some of my questions answered.
I also thought that it may be interesting to document my observations as I attempt to navigate the ridiculous scorched earth, nonsensical landscape that sports cards have apparently become. At least it would be something for people to read while they are taking a break from searching for porn.

2. What do I plan to contribute?

Not a whole hell of a lot.

3. Will I ever do something to improve this blog's settings and layout?

I sure hope so.

4. What will I promise faithful readers of my blog?

I personally promise to send, with free shipping, a custom tee shirt with a picture of a bowling pin to anywhere inside the continental United States to the person who post the 5,000th comment on one of my posts. This is assuming that it is possible to track these things.

Things not to expect from my blog:
Any type of worthwhile information
A reasonable return on your valuable time

I will be back soon with another post as I attempt to scan a card and present it on the interweb for all to see and enjoy. I will also attempt to clarify the types of things that you can expect to find on this ridiculous blog. Thank you for your kind attention.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm talking to myself?