Friday, October 29, 2010

Crawling out of my hole... win a free box of Chrome.

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Hey, I never claimed that I wasn't a whore. And you all know I love chromey stuff.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beard Goes Wild

Ever wonder what Beardy does during the night when he's not opening packs of Ginter and making original Masterpieces and Lebowski cards for his blog? No? Well, I do. I always figured him for a superhero of some sort. Running around in his pajamas bringing misery to the lives of pack searchers or some such nonsense.

Turns out, I wasn't too far off. At least I don't think I was. Because what I've found out recently, is that Beardy is more awesome than any of us ever anticipated.

My recent interweb haunt, since scaling back the old blog to just about nothing, is a web site devoted to all things Cleveland sports. A few regulars, among who's ranks I've joined, go there to wallow in our collective misey. One of the fellas, who goes by the handle CDT (it doesn't really matter why) has what I consider impeccable, if eclectic taste in music.

I recently asked for a recommendation becuase I knew he'd probably come at me with something cool I'd never heard of. I was not disappointed.

He pointed me in the direction of a band called "Clutch". Some of you may have heard of them. I hadn't. I downloaded one of their albums (Blast Tyrant) and found it to be around 7 shades of kick ass. Today I found myself perusing the youtubes and typed in Clutch for shits and giggles. I watched a video of a particular favorite of mine called "The Mob Goes Wild". The following is what I saw:

It's 1 part Blues Brothers, 1 part Meth lab, 2 parts Season 2 of the Wire, and 2 Parts Sons of Anarchy. Mix it all up in a blender and add 5 shots of awesome. Pour it into a glass and top if with a floater of gnarley. That's what this video is.

If you watched that, you can probably figure out what got me started on this ridiculous post. New shit has come to light, my friends. And, given the nature of all this new shit, I don't see how anyone can deny...

That's freakin' Beardy dudes. As sure as Cleveland Sports are cursed that's Beardy. Singing there in all his glory.

And he ROCKS, man.

What? Not convinced? Do you know where Clutch is from? Germantown, Maryland! That's where. Coincidence? Let me ask you this: Has anyone ever seen the lead singer for Clutch and Beardy in the same place? I mean ever?

Anyone? Didn't think so. I don't know how anyone can not be convinced.

But if you're still not sure, take a look at this next video. It isn't one of my favorite songs by Clutch, but I think the evidence will be indisputable.

"Burning Beard" Are you kidding me!? What are the 2 things that Beardy is obsessed with? Nick Markakis and beards. Is there anyone else out there that would have written this song?

And put super cool robots with red laser eyes in the video?

Face it. I've found out Beardy's secret and its awesome. Well done, dude. Well done.

I expect backstage passes next time you roll through Cleveland. I'll have a box of Ginter waiting for you.

BTW, here is a picture I took from the 4th row of the Kiss Concert last sunday. Yes. The Kiss Concert. That's Gene, Paul, and whatever schmoe they tapped to fill in for Ace. (I think his name is Wolfgang or something, although I may be thinking of a different band).

It was all sorts of fantastic.

Those geriatric bastards still know how to put on a hell of a show. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs Rip Card Result and Final

Results of the Rip Card: Laser Show Dustin Pedroia SP

Rip Card Additional Points: 10

Final Total: 195


  • The Rip card was kind of a bummer. Nothing against Pedroia, other than he plays for the Red Sox, but I was obviously hoping for something better, like a auto. Oh well.
  • The overall design is OK, I guess. It's all "Allen And Gintery" and whatnot. I guess it's just a little underwhelming after 4 years or whatever. I don't know what else they could do and still call it Ginter, though.
  • I had 2 packs without a Mini, which was strange. One of them might have been the Rip Card (I can't remember) so maybe they are counting the mini inside there. I was just shorted in another pack. I got 2 minis in the last pack, though, so I either was only shorted 1 or came out even in the end. In light of that, forget I mentioned it at all.
  • I couldn't name my favorite player Grady Sizemore because he was taken. Despite the fact that I named my first and only born "Grady", concessions could not be made. So I went with Evan Longoria. I mean, who doesn't like Longoria? And he had card in the hits department as a possibility, so that's who I picked. As a fan of a team that until recently endured Jhonny Peralta at the hot corner I allowed myself to dream.
  • I pulled no cards of Longoria.
  • None
  • That's OK, I didn't pull a Sizemore either.
  • I only pulled 1 Indian in the box.
  • The entire damn box.
  • One Indian.
  • One
  • Mark my words, Lebron James is going to rot in hell. I didn't pull any of his cards either.
  • I am ready...
  • ...for Justin Masterson to stop sucking.
  • After ripping the Rip Card, I had thoughts of pulling a Billy Bob Thornton and "fixing it". If I knew a kid who looked Like Thurman Murman I would.
  • Seriously? A lousy Pedroia Mini?
  • Oh yeah, No Stupid Stephen Strasburg either. So Glad that box cost me $20 more than it should have.
  • Stupid dumb ass people going nuts for Strasburg as if Mark Prior and Joba Chamberlain and Todd Van Poppel never existed.
  • Those dumb asses deserve what is inevitably coming to them.
  • Seriously, I'm not kidding. Lebron James is going to hell. Mark it dudes.
  • Overall, my box was pretty good. I guess it puts me in about 3rd place as of right now, assuming I scored it properly, which I probably didn't.
  • I think I'm pretty close though.
Far out man, sir.

Gint-A-Cuffs N43

N43-HR Hanley Ramirez Box Loader +10

Running Total: 185

Gint-A-Cuffs 21-24

Pack 21

272 David Blaine
122 Yadier Molina
267 Martin Prado
256 Rick Porcello
265 Kendry Morales +2

347 Orlando Cabrera SP +2

170 Adrian Gonzalez Mini +3

TDH43 Jonathan Broxton +1

Pack Total: 8

Pack 22

59 Ivory Crockett
12 Jesus Flores
72 Erick Aybar
123 Mariano Rivera -1
198 AJ Pierzynski -1
313 Ryan Doumit SP +2

248 Jason Marquis Mini Ad Back +2

TDH58 Dan Uggla +1

Pack Total: 3

Pack 23

20 Sacagawea
216 Jordan Sparks (should be -500)
40 Carlos Beltran
124 Andrew McCutchen
114 Milton Bradley -1
136 Garrett Jones
LO18 Eros +3

TDH3 Aramis Ramirez +1

Pack Total: 3

Pack 24

131 Tyler Flowers
8 Miguel Tejada
281 Kurt Suzuki
101 Mark Buehrle
7 Ryan Howard +2
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AGHS13 Jonathan Sanchez Baseball Sketches +3

74 Ryan Ludwick Mini Ad Back +2
222 Graig Gentry Mini Ad Back +2

TDH54 Derek Lee +1

Pack Total: 10

Running Total: 175

Gint-A-Cuffs 17-20

Pack 17

271 King Tut
125 Hideki Matsui
209 Alex Gordon
81 Cliff Lee
273 David Dejesus
145 Jim Thome
WGWS6 Victor Hugo +4

TDH42 Jorge Posada -1

Pack Total: 3

Pack 18

270 Max Poser
26 Andy Pettite -1
220 Manny Ramirez
91 Carlos Zambrano -1
RIP-RC67 Yovani Gallardo Rip Card 29/50 +20

295 Josh Thole Mini
TDH26 Francisco RodRiguez +1

Pack Total: 19

Pack 19

38 Della Vega
94 Luke Hochevar
113 Billy Butler
293 Troy Tulowitzki
76 Joakim Soria +2

333 Roy Oswalt SP +2

137 Ryan Zimmerman Mini Black Border +3

TDH20 CC Sabathia -1

Pack Total: 6

Pack 20

287 Drew Brees
299 Robinson Cano -1
166 Chris Tillman
18 Jose Lopez
82 Justin Upton
346 Ryan Theriot SP +2

TDH10 David Ortiz +3

Pack Total: 4

Running Total: 151

Gint-A-Cuffs 13-16

Pack 13

56 Shin Soo Choo +1

67 Carl Crawford +2

191 Justin Morneau
181 Tyler Colvin
AGR-ML Mat Latos Jersey Relic +8

TDH1 Chase Utley +3

Pack Total: 14

Pack 14

243 Jim Zapp +2

187 Jair Jurrjens
168 Rickie Weeks
141 Matt Cain
36 Victor Martinez
332 Ricky Nolasco SP +2

NA20 Lion +2

TDH8 Yunel Escobar +1

Pack Total: 7

Pack 15

9 Kelly Kulick
28 Felipe Lopez
142 Ubaldo Jimenez
31 Miguel Montero
19 Tommy Hanson
338 Fransisco Liriano SP +2

333 Roy Oswalt Mini SP +3

TDH29 Adam Jones +3

Pack Total: 8

Pack 16

70 Joey Votto +2

205 Meb Keflezighi
34 Delmon Young
151 Kanekoa Texeira
126 Chipper Jones
331 Huston Street SP +2

159 Denard Span Mini Black Border +3

TDH48 Matt Holliday +3

Pack Total: 10

Running Total: 119