Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cards From Baseball Dad

Just recently I got a nice package in the mail from Night Owl. It contained all manner of cool Tribe cards. About 2 weeks after I got it I emailed him to thank him. I honestly couldn't remember if I'd even thanked him yet. I promised that I would get a blog post up about it soon. That was about 2-3 weeks ago.

So, the logical question becomes "Why did I write Baseball Dad at the top of the Post when I'm talking about Night Owls cards?" Well, it's because I want everyone to know that I know how ridiculous it is to take over a month to get up a simple thank you post.

And, oh yeah, Baseball Dad sent me these about 3 STINKIN' MONTHS AGO! I'm not going to make any excuse other than I didn't get to it because I was lazy.

Anyway, here they are. Long overdue but here none-the-less. I will probably have about 4 posts from his cards and, believe me, it was hard enough to narrow it down that far. I got in on a few teams in his group break. I picked the Phillies and the A's because, well, why not? Also because it seemed wrong to pick the Indians.

Jack sent me plenty of Indians anyway. Here are some of them. As usual they are accompanied with my typical nonsense. Not that anyone has any reason to accept my advice, but you will get some anyway. My advice is to not read the post. Just look at the pretty cards. Anyone who reads what I have to say may very well end up a fraction dumber. For most of you there would be no measurable effect. But for some, like Canadians and Steelers fans, there's no real reason to risk it, is there?

Ellis Burks 2003 Diamond Kings - I never paid much attention to the Diamond Kings cards. Probably because they were so bad in the late 80's releases. But this is a really nice card. I wonder if these Diamond Kings cards were precursors to the fantastic Masterpieces releases. You know, the great sets that were discontinued while things like X and Spectrum continued to uninspire.

Kevin Seitzer 1993 O-Pee-Chee - OK, raise you hand if you remembered that Seitzer played for the A's. This is exciting to me. I already have about 8,000 Kevin Seitzer cards. But I didn't have this one. In fact, and I'd have to check, I think all 8,000 might be 1990 Donruss. I'm fairly certain that Donruss inserted 3 Seitzers into every pack that year.

Sid Monge 1983 Fleer - Sid Monge...what an absolutely ridiculous name. Sid Monge. Say that out loud. Sid Monge. Do this: go tell your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend that you can't do anything next Friday night because you're hanging out with your new friend Sid Monge. Met him at the Elks or something. See what they say. I don't have any idea what the reaction might be, but I can pretty much guarantee a reaction of some sort.
Bake McBride 1982 Topps - Now, this is a truly awesome card. I've mentioned from time around these parts my desire for Curtis Granderson to grow out a big fro like this. Dayf, brilliantly coined it the "Granderfro". It was the perfect name for the perfect plan. All we had left to do was to get Granderson on board with it. This, truthfully, didn't too daunting of a task. Curtis seems like a reasonable man. All it would take was for me to get 2 minutes of his time, just to introduce the idea to him. No way he turns that idea down.

But, then he had to go and ruin the whole thing by getting traded to the Yankees. It isn't even about their draconian hair policies. I'm not sure if the kibosh would be placed on the Granderfro or not. I just don't want Curtis to be the one anymore. It's just too great of an idea to hand over to a Yankee. Sorry dude, you blew it.

It's a shame because "Granderfro" is an absolutely perfect description. I doubt we'll come up with something that good again.

I'll have to put in some thought to his replacement. Lastings Milledge hasn't done enough yet and it sure as heck isn't going to be Marcus Thames.

David Justice 1999 Donruss - I was a big fan of Justice while with the Tribe. Still, I can't quite get over the fact that he was married to Halle Berry...and then he wasn't married to Halle Berry. I don't know whether this makes him one of the luckiest men in the world or unluckiest men in the world. The fact that she may very well be completely bat guano crazy only adds to my cunfusion.

Moving on:

Jody Gerut 2994 Bowman Chrome - The Indians got Gerut in 2001 from the Rockies along with Josh Bard, who cannot catch a knuckle ball. He immediately had one of the more promising of rookie seasons. He has pretty much sucked since. I'm not sure anyone knows why.

Pete Incaviglia 1993 O-Pee-Chee - Man are these O-Pee-Chee cards stupid. The backs have only 4 stats, and only for the previous year. I have to keep going to baseball reference to find out important stuff like how many times Inky K'd in 1993. Only 82. He didn't strike out as much during his career as I remembered. He also didn't hit as many HRs as I remember. Dave Kingman he was not. Sweet stache, though.

I've got to move this along. I've had a few Christmas Ales. I've also been stuffy so I took some nyquil. (Don't look at me like that.)

I can feel the Nyquil begining to take hold. Soon I'll be in bat country.

Kenny Lofton 1997 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns - I really wish I could get a scan of this card that does it justice. Not David Justice. No, justice in a sense that...wait a second. YOU all know what I meant. I'm the one on Nyquil.

Anyway, it's a completely kick butt card. If I was more articulate I'd be able to describe it. I'd also be in bed because I would have been able to finish this post long ago. So, I guess we all lose on this one.

Except me. I get the card. And, It rules (I refuse to spell rules with a z on the end. I hate that garbage. I frown upon this in all of it's ridiculous forms, including "boyz". I blame John Singleton.).

Jaret Wright 199 Century Legends - Wright had a great World Series and he's one of the most promising pitching prospects I can ever remember. I still don't know what happened to the guy. It's a shame, though. He was filthy for a while there.

If you don't know how good he was thought to be consider this; Jaret Wright was the player that the Tribe refused to part with in a Pedro Martinez deal. That's right. Be chose this clown over Pedro. And, this was after everyone knew that Pedro was lights out.

That's all for this installment. I'm going to bed. Thank you Baseball Dad. Sweet cards. There are more to come.

Night Owl, I'm getting there. Check back in March.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What a Happy Day

What a Happy Day!

I can See!

I Got Legs!

The Browns finally beat The Inbred!

That's right, my beleaguered, embarrassing football team finally beat their rivals last night. It was the coldest night of the year but we will remember it warmly in Cleveland. All of you with average or better football teams would have trouble understanding what a game like that would mean to a fanbase such as Clevelands during a season is where the only thing to look forward to is a new coach (hopefully) and Ndomakong Suh.

But, for now, we bask in the glory of a simple victory that we've been waiting for for over half the decade. And, to all the front running Inbred fans residing in NE Ohio...SUCK IT! For the next 9 months we own your ass.

BTW, how great would this monster look in an Orange helmet? Did you know his name means "House of Spears"? I'm crappin' you negative.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Something, You Know, For The Effort

Well, another Turk Off is over and Beardy is the winner. His win was historic. In fact, it's the first time in history that a Turk Off was won by anyone other than myself.

Even if it was a fluke; even if it took an almost supernatural turn of events, it is never-the-less A Beardy victory.

For those of you who are having trouble grasping the true significance and nature of this victory, it's like the 1980 USA hockey team pulling off their historic upset over the previously indestructible Soviets at the height of their power. Yes, I would not be surprised to see this made into an epic movie after a few years go by and the dust has settled.

Here's the theoretical cast:

Beardy -
Jack Elam
Motherscratcher -
Billy Jacoby
Dayf -
Sam Elliott
Dubbs -
Leif Garrett
Canuck -
Yvonne Strahovski

For those that are worried that I'm going to stiff Beardy out of his winnings, I have made this post for 2 simple reasons:

1. To compare Beardy to Jack Elam
2. To link to a picture of Yvonne Strahovski
3. To show off my obscure pop culture acumen
4. To let everyone know that I'm still the best Turker, no matter the final score.
5. To give Beardy a glimpse into his glorious future.

So, here is that glimpse:
There will be no money. I cannot promise that you will receive total consciousness on your deathbed. But I can offer a few cards and maybe something represented by the above picture. It is a legendary Cleveland Christmas tradition.

I hope your package arrives before Christmas. And, I hope that the contents are up to the standard that a Turk Off Champions deserves.

Once, again, well done Beardy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turk Off 2: 21 - 24

OK, so it looks like my euphoria over getting 2 relics and an auto was misguided, as Beardy pulled a second relic to go with his auto as well. I could have sworn I only got 2 relics in my other box. Oh well, that's OK.

You might also have noticed that Beardy's miniscule lead held up as well. I couldn't believe it. My packs were all better than his. In fact, if either of us had pulled any of those packs in a different order, I would have regained the lead. It's really amazing, actually.

Does it surprise me? Not is the least. You see, I know how good Beardy is at the Turk Off game. If I had been playing someone else, like Dubbs or Canuck, this would have been over long ago. When it comes to a well played Turk Off those guys are faqin amateurs.

But not Beardy. Well played good sir.

Here is my final submission.

Pack 21:

575 Conference On The Mound CL -1pts
344 Chris Carpenter
624 Fausto Carmona 2pts The ying to Westbrook's bottom of the rotation yang. I can't believe these gus are our 1 and 2.

617 Erick Aybar
418 Noah Lowry Red 2pts

576 Touch 'Em All Cl
611 Jose Capellan
552 Mike Lieberthal

Pack Total: 3 pts

Pack 22:

381 Mark Grudzielanek
496 Kameron Loe -2pts
470 Miguel Tejada
486 BJ Ryan White 5 pts

525 Robinson Cano Red 2/2 = 1pts

491 Rich Harden
479 Brandon Webb
389 Orlando Carbera

Pack Total: 4 pts

Pack 23:

398 Joe Nathan
503 Roy Halladay
432 Matt Holliday
403 JD Drew Black 10pts JD Drew crushed my dreams a few years ago with a grand slam in the ALCS. And the Red Sox fans still don't like him.

611 Jose Capellan Red 2pts

621 Jason Kubel
626 John Rheinecker
404 Bruce Chen 2pts Anyone ever see that movie "They Call Me Bruce"? I used to love that movie. Not that it has anything to do with anything.

Pack Total: 14 pts

Pack 24:

518 Andy Pettite
513 Mike Mussina -1pts
508 Tim Hudson (Damn, wrong uni again)
556 Willy Tavarez
316 Alez Rodriguez Red 2/2 = 1pts

JR Jose Reyes Relic 8pts Another Relic! Can you believe it? I know it's still only 8 points, but another one. That isn't normal, is it? 4 hits in this box?

578 Bunting The Runner Over Cl

Pack Total: 8 pts

B-18 Blanket: Carlos Lee 5pts I have no idea what the heck I'm supposed to do with this.

Well there it is. Finito.

I tried to psych Beardy out a little bit by telling him that I had some good stuff coming up. It wasn't really a lie, as I did pull another hit. (And how crazy is it that it came in my last pack?) But, the truth is I need to win 3 of the last 4 packs and I don't think I have the juice to do it. Not unless I get really lucky. No, Beardy's masterfully played 17-20 packs sealed my fate. That was my 99MPH fastball with 2 strikes and he fouled it back. Kept that at bat alive.

I tip my cap.

No matter what the outcome I have a nice little prize for the Beardman. I wish it included some great Orioles cards, but it probably won't. I haven't busted enough wax in the last 6 months to come up with anything very good. But, I hope he'll enjoy it anyway.

I know there are those of you out there who are feeling really good about yourselves because you predicted a Beardy victory. Well, go ahead, bask in the glow. You might have been right this time. But not because you know anything about the Turk Off.

I think you just picked him because you like dudes with Beards.

Turk Off 2: 17 - 20 Now Here's Where It Gets Interesting

OK, so last round goes to Beardy. If I had more than a dozen or so people ever visit my site I'm sure the voting would go through the roof for him. Heck, all you doubters were voting for Beardy at the beginning when I was kicking his fur covered ass from here to Sean Henn.

So, now I bet you all think you're pretty smart don't you. Think you're pretty slick. Now that Beardy is in the lead y'all think you got one up on the old Scratcher now doncha?

Well get a load of what's coming here. It'll blow your mind. I know it blew mine.

All kidding aside, these were some great packs. I don't know how Beardy can hold the lead with what I pulled here.

Check this out:

Pack 17:

351 Mike Piazza
619 Joel Zumaya
622 Drew Meyer
359 Javier Vazquez Gold 20pts Sweet friggin gold card. Not that it's a big surprise. I figured there was one lurking in the box somewhere. I can only hope that Beardy didn't pull one out on the same pack and have it be an Add Back or something. Actually, I kind of hope he does because that would be a kick ass card.

429 Johan Santana Red 2x2 = 4pts See what I mean? I'm on a roll.

612 Lastings Milledge
577 Around The Horn CL
557 Mike Maroth

Pack Total: 24 pts

Pack 18:

376 Miguel Olivo
594 Jeff Mathis
572 Pujols At Bat CL 2pts

349 Mariano Rivera Red 2/2 = 1pts

541 Ronny Cedeno SP 5pts Lots a good stuff in this pack and it's just getting warmed up.

JM Joe Mauer Relic 8pts My third hit! I don't know. I can't remember, but I think I only got 2 relics in my last box. This box I have 2 relics and an auto. I'll be disappointed if it turns out that all boxes have this. Right now I think I got one of those rare boxes with extra hits. It feels like it should be worth more than 8 points, Mauer being the MVP and all, but I'll take it.

368 Johnny Estrada

Pack Total: 16 pts

Pack 19:

564 Trot Nixon
512 Brandon Inge
567 Shawn Chacon -1pts After that Mauer hit, not even Chacon can bring me down.
439 Matt Morris Red 2pts

532 Scott Rolen SP 5pts What happened to this guy? Is he any good anymore? I don't even know where he plays now. I want to say Toronto, but I don't know for sure. Does anyone know? Has anyone looked in Larussa's trunk?

586 Mickey Mantle 2/2 = 1 pts Whenever I see the Mick I think of the story that Jim Bouton told in his book Ball Four. He said that Mickey owned a restaurant and at the end of the night you got a free meal if you could guess which table Mickey was under. (For all you kids out there - that means he drank a lot.)

601 Brian Slocum 2pts

453 Jake Westbrook 2pts Speak of the one armed devil (who will probably be toeing the rubber for the Tribe on opening day. Has there ever been a season with 162 rainouts?

Pack Total: 11 pts

Pack 20:

599 Ian Kinsler 2pts I've loved Ian Kinsler ever since he ended up on my fantasy team by accident because I drafted 2B last. He ended up being the best 2B in the league that year. Also, everyone likes him because he's the small white guy who everyone is contractually obligated to call gritty and say things like "he plays the game the right way" and "he's a gamer" and other stuff. Unlike most of those guys, he's also really talented and can, you know, play the game the right way. And, effectively too. I think that's the important part.

484 Casey Blake 2pts

546 Vincente Padilla
479 Brandon Webb Red 2pts

325 Magglio Ordonez SP Ad Back 5x3 = 15pts Well, I'll be a horses behind. I told Beardy that I didn't think there were any Ad Backs in the base set because I didn't pull a single one in my other box. Then he pulled one. I thought I was going crazy. Now I pulled one too. I'm beginning to think that my other box was just a major dud.

468 Curtis Granderson
441 Zach Duke
452 Hank Blalock

Pack Total: 21 pts

Well, there you go. 4 pretty solid scores, if I do say so myself. And I do. You should really listen to what I have to say. I'm one of the world's foremost authorities on Turk Offs so I know what I'm talking about. So when I tell you that these are 4 stellar packs you can pretty much take that to the bank.

I guess that this is as good a chance as any for a clean sweep, but I really doubt it. I'm hoping to pull back into the lead but it wouldn't be surprised by a tie this round. Just take a look at the competition. Beardy wouldn't have gotten this far if he wasn't an expert Turker and he's obviously no pushover.

Oh yeah...that's all know that already. Most of you voted for the Beardmeister.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turk Off 2: 13 - 16 The Dog Days of Turk

Well, the Turk Off is neck and neck. Beardy is ahead in the popular vote while I maintain my slight edge in the electoral college. We all know which one of those counts.

I see that Beardy put up his next batch of packs. I'm dying to see what he got but I decided to get my post up first. There's no particular reason why. It's just the way I decided to do it.

The following takes place between pack 13 and pack 16 of the Turk Off:

Pack 13:

589 Stan Musial 2pts Stan the Man. As awesome as this guy is the card should be worth more than 2.

598 Josh Barfield
480 Phil Nevin
363 Hideki Matsui 2/2 = 1pts

467 Mark Buehrle SP 5 pts

367 Jay Gibbons 2pts

378 Coco Crisp -2pts
463 Mike Lowell

Pack Total: 8 pts

Pack 14:

386 Cliff Lee 2pts It would be nice to have C.C. and Cliff as our 1 and 2 starters next season. Yeah you don't run across back to back Cy Young winners all that often. But, we'll go into this season with a rotation featuring one guy who hasn't pitched in almost 2 years due to Tommy John surgery and another who was sent to SINGLE A to try to remember how to pitch. So that should be pretty good to.

324 Jimmy Rollins
349 Mariano Rivera -1pts
532 Scott Rolen White 5pts

491 Rich Harden Red 2pts

630 Justin Verlander 2pts Detroit will probably suck next year to, but at least they get to watch this guy every 5 days.

335 AJ Burnett
628 Michael Pelfrey

Pack Total: 10 pts

Pack 15:

538 Jose Vidro
544 Chris Capuano
402 John Patterson
336 Mike Sweeney
441 Zach Duke Red 2pts Man, a lot of guys named Zach around lately. I love that show Chuck and maybe my opinion is colored due to his character, but Zachary Levi looks like the most unlikeliest guy to be named Zach I've ever seen. Zach. Zach. It's such a weird name to begin with.

526 Jeff Kent
539 Alex Gonzalez
434 Joe Blanton

Pack Total: 2 pts

Pack 16:

554 Jeff Francis
613 Fransisco Liriano
536 Kelvim Escobar
499 Marcus Giles White 5pts

431 Ben Sheets Red 2pts

560 Vernon Wells
550 Curt Schilling
379 Moises Alou

Pack Total: 7 pts

I don't know what to make of this set. Only one really bad score, but also none that are untouchable. Of course I thought 32 was untouchable. I'm prepared to go 0-4 here, but I'm expecting to split it. I'll find out directly.