Friday, July 11, 2008

Bustin' Packs: 93 Stadium Club

Back again with more packs to open. This time it was 4 packs of 93 Stadium Club series 1. (Told you I had a bunch of junk to open). These actually came in the old style (from what I remember) wax packs. They certainly weren't foil. No gum, though.

The style is very similar to the 94 Pinnacle I opened yesterday. Basically they are just shiny post card like pictures with a name on them. Not much to them. Truth be told they don't look a whole hell of a lot like baseball cards. Not What I think of anyway.

Like yesterday I had Mrs. Scratcher open up 2 packs and I opened 2 myself. Once again I got shit and she got some nice players. Not that she had any idea. She didn't seem annoyed when I gave her the packs so that is something, I guess.

OK...Let's see what we got!

Felix The Cat Fermin. One of 4 Tribesmen pulled. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Felix. I liked him as a player but the best thing he ever did for Indians baseball was get traded for Omar Vizquel. He was trade in the winter of 93 along with Reggie Jefferson for Omar the Great. A year later Felix was a free agent. Omar went on to become one of the great defensive shortstops of all time. There is not much that a Clevelander will argue about more vigorously than Omar as the greatest defensive shortstop ever. What do I think? I think that it's impossible to say for sure, but anyone who dismisses Omar didn't get the privilege of watching him play for years. He was magical. I don't know if he was the best. I do know that there isn't anyone I would have traded him for.

Good karma goes to anyone who can tell me what the hell is going on in this picture. Is this the best they could get?

The first of the parallels. Larry Walker Members Choice. I like Larry a lot. I don't know if the picture is the same on the base card or not. I have a feeling that the only difference at all is that they wrote "members choice" below the player name. Very clever. Can't wait to get them all.
The back features some info on the player instead of stats. Let's see what we can learn about Old Larry. Huh...apparently "Walker's flexible approach to hitting virtually assures him of continued success". I guess they used the word "virtually" as an out. No need to stick your neck out too far. Am I right?
How 'bout this: "When pitchers make an effort to finesse him with breaking stuff, Walker shortens his swing, allowing him to wait the necessary extra time before committing himself" No shit? Sounds good to me.

The second Members Choice card in 4 packs! I'm on a roll now buddy! And Travis Fryman at that! A former (or future, if you decide to look at it that way) Indian. I did love Fryman. Dude was solid. Let's see what they have to say about Travis
"Fryman gets out of the box quickly and is aggressive" (That's what she said). "Travis Fryman is being talked about as a major star - the next Cal Ripken, people are saying. And why not?" Exactly, why not. Let's compare Travis to Ripkin. That shouldn't be too much pressure.

Bobby Bonilla. Or as Barry Bonds refers to him "That other dude in the outfield who wasn't half as good as me" Bobby was good. Maybe he didn't last as long as Barry because he was using the wrong trainer. We'll never know.

Hey Kruky! Lookin' good my man. Svelte. Little story I heard about Kruk. 2 stories actually. May be that neither are true but I'll tell them anyway. #1 Kruk was in a bar after a game smoking a cig and drinking a beer. A woman walks up to him and says something about how she can't believe an athlete would drink and smoke like that. Kruk says "Lady, I'm not an athlete...I'm a ballplayer". I love that.
#2 Most people know that Kruk had a battle with testicular cancer and had to have one of his "boys" removed. The next training camp he showed up in a tee shirt that read "If you don't like the way I play I'm taking my ball and going home". That is too awesome not to have happened. I've loved Kruk ever since I heard that.
I don't care what you do. I choose to believe those stories.
The only insert card pulled. This insert set was (as far as I could find) entitled 93 Stadium Club Insert Set. I think it must have been friday and damn near 5:00 when they came up with that. The back features a list of all 36 players who were taken by the Marlins in the 92 expansion draft. I won't list the players here. I will say that I have no idea how the hell they won a single game that 1st year. This just makes it even more painful that they've won 2 World Series, one against the Tribe.
Sorry about that.
Is there anyone else like me? Does anyone else ever wonder if they've ever opened a pack and NOT gotten a Kevin Seitzer? Death, taxes, and Kevin Seitzer in my wax.

Another former/future Indian. (7 in all) Jeff Kent was traded in 96 along with Jose Vizcaino to the Tribe for Carlos Baerga and Alvaro Espinosa. I was pissed. I loved Baerga. I remember going on a rant to my dad about what a "stiff" Kent was. I just couldn't believe it. Kent didn't last long with the Tribe. He was traded in the offseason. Baerga went on to lead the league in cocaine snorted for 3 straight years. Kent went on to win the MVP and set the record for most HR by a second baseman ever. EVER.
OK, so maybe I was a little off on that one.

Last card I scanned. Scott Brosius. Good player. Layed out. Making the play. Nice card.
The last thing I'll bring up is a fantastic offer I plan on taking Topps up on. That's right, Topps has offered me membership in the exclusive Topps Stadium Club! Jealous much?
With this membership I will receive limited edition members only stadium club cards. They are exclusive to MEMBERS ONLY. So don't even think about trying to get them. You can't. It's only for members. Like me...pretty soon anyway. A one year membership is only $29.95. and includes Topps Magazine and a personalized stadium club membership card and ID number.
And I'VE been asked to join! How great is that?
Honors and benefits already at the age of 33.
Don't worry, I'll put in a good word for all you little folks.

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