Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Movie Quote: # 1

This will be a recurring feature on the Achiever Blog. It's not very original, nor is it very interesting for that matter. What is important to understand is that I can do this in a few minutes from work. I haven't yet figured out how to use my work computer to post scanned cards and pictures from the interwebs. So I'll keep trying to come up with more goofy stuff to keep myself amused.

The Random Movie Quote will be posted whenever the hell I feel like it. It won't be relevant. And, it won't have much to do with anything whatsoever. It may be from a movie I've recently seen. It may be from one from a long time ago that just happened to pop into my head. The quote may or may not be completely accurate and I encourage anyone to correct any errors. They will all be quotes that I find amusing for one reason or another.

So, without further adu, here is today's quote:

"You know me Lo...I'm only good at 100 plus with a couple of cops on my tail"

- Ice Cube - XXX:State of the Union

Why is this quote awesome?

Mostly because Ice Cube said it, and it is the most ridiculous thing uttered in at the end of a movie that is in the 99th percentile for ridiculousness. This movie was a train wreck. I have no idea how the hell it even got made. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Just don't expect it to be good. Or to even make the remotest amount of sense. It isn't, and it won't. But watching a movie this bad is almost like joining a club. For example:

Guy #1: "Has anyone here seen XXX?"
Guy #2: "I have"
Both: Hahahahahahahahahaha

You don't want to be left out of that conversation, do you? I sure don't.

I also want to know how the hell Dafoe ended up in this. I understand Cube. He wants to be an action star. I understand SL Jackson. He'll be in anything that amuses him, no matter how lame. It's part of what I love about him. But how the hell did Dafoe end up in this turd? Was he blackmailed? Or does he have the world's worst agent?

Anyway, back to the quote. It's at the end, after the big climax, when Cube is talking to his special lady. It's that scene that's been in countless movies where the girl wants the guy to settle down with her, but he's too much of a free spirit and can't be tied down, no matter how much he loves her. This quote might be the best explanation of why the hero must remain untethered that I've ever heard. I feel the same way myself.

If either of you readers can think of others I'd love to hear them.

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