Friday, July 11, 2008

What is an Achiever?

Those of you who have seen The Big Lebowski know what an Achiever is. This post is for those who have not yet seen the film. It is a way to try to explain how this blog came about it's name.

It really will take a viewing of the film to understand, but here is what an Achiever is. A Little Lebowski Urban Achiever is an inner city child of promise without the necessary means for...the necessary means for a higher education. If it is still vague then 2 clips are provided for your viewing pleasure.

#1 is a clip that explains the plot of the movie. This explains the over-riding impetus for what is happening on screen.

If it still doesn't make a lot of sense then this clip will be able to put it into it's proper context. This is a short synopsis, or outline if you will, of the entire movie.

Generally it is best if you just watch the whole thing. Repeatedly. The best viewing usually occurs between the 10th and 13th time.

Hope this helps, man.

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