Monday, July 14, 2008

IPod Extravaganza! #1

During the week I'm usually at work where I have no access to a scanner or my cards. This drastically limits what I can post. I have a few really stupid ideas. This is only the first. That's right kids! There's plenty more crap where this came from!

The IPod Extravaganza is a feature where I hit shuffle on my IPod and let you know what comes up. I know you're excited but try to settle down. I guess 5 songs is as good as any other number. No cheating - I promise.

OK, here we go!

#1/3904 - The Full Bug - Van Halen (Diver Down)
This is one of those Van Halen songs with David Lee Roth from when I was too young to really be a fan. I became a huge fan with "1984" and continuing with Sammy Hagar (You got a problem with that?). Then I had to go back and get the whole catalog. Whatever you might think about Roth now (he's a lunatic), that dude used to be a rock God. The guy held his own against and even possibly overshadowed Eddie Van Halen. EDDIE VAN FEAKIN' HALEN! The guy pretty much invented a new way to play guitar and is in the conversation for best/most influential of all time. Roth's ridiculous radio show can never take that away.

#2/3904 - Regeneration - Stone Temple Pilots (Shangri - La Dee Da)
You probably only know this song if you are a die hard STP fan. It's not one of their best but it's solid. It's also unmistakably STP. That's a good thing, by the way.

#3/3904 - In the Light - Led Zeppelin (Box Set)
I'm sure Zeppelin wrote a song I don't like. I'm sure of it...give me a minute...huh...let me get back to you on that. This song is another one of the solid ones. Not at the top of my list of favorites but good. This song is like Mel Hall.

#4/3904 - Slow and Low - Beastie Boys (License to Ill)
What a crazy album License To Ill was. If you didn't rock out to No Sleep Till Brooklyn in Jr high, well...I don't know what to tell you. You probably weren't very cool. Sorry. Hell, if you wouldn't rock out to No Sleep Till Brooklyn now you probably aren't very cool. Slow and Low is yet another solid effort from a great album that at some point in my life I could probably recite from memory.

#5/3904 - Lost Cause - Beck (Sea Change)
Here it is. This is the pull of the box if you will. I like Beck but Sea Change (Beck's breakup album) is incredible. It is like nothing else he has done. Acoustic, melancholy, and devastating. It is simply a beautiful album and my favorite by Beck. Lost Cause is probably the best song on it. This is the auto jersey #d to 100 pull of the extravaganza.

"There's too many people you used to know. They see you come (!) and, they see you go"

translated - "you are a complete whore"

Wow, The guy is brutal on this album, but if you don't listen to the lyrics it sounds almost sweet. I highly recommend you check it out.

Well, that's about it for the pilot installment of IPod Extravaganza. Hope you enjoyed.

Final analysis: A decent pull with none of my wife's songs (when her stuff shows up you'll know) and one great pull. I'm sure I'll have better packs, but this one could have been worse.

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