Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yankee Stadium Firsts

You may have heard.

New Yankee Stadium opened today. The First Game featured the Yankees vs the Indians in a battle of the last two AL Cy Young Award winners, CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee. As a loyal Tribe fan who was able to watch some of the game and listen to most of the rest I feel like I am in a unique position to report on a few of the historic firsts that inevitably transpired.

You're welcome.

1st hit - Johnny Damon - single in 1st

1st pitch - Sabathia to Sizemore (ball)

1st K - Victor Martinez

1st HBP - Mark Teixeira

1st Elk and Elk Injury Lawyers Injury Report - pregame

1st walk - Kelly Shoppach

1st double - Ben Fransisco

1st pop up to the first baseman with the bases loaded and no outs - Tony Graffanino

1st AB by a former Buckeye - Swisher fly out to center

1st AB by a player with 2 ear flaps - Shin Soo Choo ground out to 2nd

1st player inexplicably thrown out by Posada while trying to steal - Sizemore

1st Run - Ben Francisco

1st Thrown out at home - Peralta and the piano he carries

1st RBI - Kelly Shoppach

1st Error - Tony Graffanino

1st Player to start at second despite being below replacement level - Graffanino

1st Double Play - Turned by Yankees in 3rd

1st HR - J. Posada

1st Northern Ohio Toyota Dealers Pitching Change - 5th inning (Sabathia to E Ramirez)

1st 9 run 7th inning - Cleveland Indians

1st Grand Slam - Grady Sizemore

1st Indians player not to score in the 7th - Graffanino (why?)

1st Meaningless Run - Melky Cabrera

1st Guy to get laid post game - probably Jeter - maybe Sizemore

1st Spitzer Chevy Seventh Inning Stretch - 7th inning

1st Billy Joel song - You May Be Right

1st time I head that song - 1980 on Chipmunk Punk

1st Loss - Veras - Yankees

1st Win - Lee - Cleveland Indians

1st Total Ass Kicking - Indians over Yankees 10 - 2

*I will be out of town for a few days listening to dentists tell me stuff about teeth. Just in case, you know, anyone misses me.


beardy said...

nothing i enjoy more then watching the yankees get their arses kicked in. the fact that it was their home opener, for a new stadium that tax payers had to foot the bill for, does sweeten the deal a little bit as well.

you get the new cards i sent over?

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah, good times at Yankee Stadium today!

I've gotten the cards you sent over. I'll get them up on a post probably on sunday. I'll be out of town starting, well, as soon as my wife gets home.

BTW - we've made contact with Liam. I'll post about that early next week too.

beardy said...

oh, and the "we want swisher" chant was pretty special as well. he might be the best middle reliever they've got.

dude, that is awesome about liam.

--David said...

We may have had a rocky start, but all that disappears when you hand the Yankees a massive butt-kicking!