Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pascual Perez - Gold Tooth Mafia

On August 19,1982, Pascual Perez got lost on I-285 in Atlanta. He was looking for Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium. It was his start. He never made it.
Perhaps Pascual was just following the white line on the side of the road. By all accounts Pascual was a big fan of white lines. He missed the beginning of the season in 1984 after getting arrested in the Dominican Republic for cocaine possession. I've never been arrested in the Dominican Republic, or anywhere else for that matter. But, I do have an idea that to get arrested in the DR for drug probably need to have an absolute shitload of drugs. I admit that I may be wrong about that.

Pascual was a decent pitcher in the Bigs for a few years. He finished after the the 1991 season with a career record that was almost exactly .500. It was a drug suspension that ended his career.

I don't know how a major league pitcher gets lost on the way to the stadium for one of his starts. I don't know if it was drugs. I don't know if he over slept. I don't know if he was legitimately lost. What I want to believe, what I choose to believe, is that Pascual, in a moment of spontaneity that I have never experienced, decided to pull over into some dentist's office and get a gold tooth on #7. Right then, right there. I've been waiting for Pascual to walk into my office my whole career.

If that's what actually happened on August 19, 1982 in Atlanta, I, for one, think that it was worth the lost start.

Welcome to the club Pascual, newest member of the Gold Tooth Mafia.


steveisjewish said...

I have this card set aside for a post right now but i guess you beat me to it - me and my wife had a hell of a laugh at how ugly this dude is

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah, just think about how ugly he would be if he didn't have that beautiful gold tooth.

I think you should still post yours. It's not like anyone read this one (other than yourself, which I'm assuming was some sort of mistake).