Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh eBay, you know me so well...

I love the "recommendations" that eBay comes up with every time you click on a random auction. A few days ago Joe Collector had a link to a ridiculous auction of a "rare" pack of 1990 Bowman that had been graded. I wasn't even away that people grade unopened packs.

Because I clicked on the link, eBay generated a list of all ridiculously graded late 80's/early 90's wax packs available for me. Not that I could ever open them and get the 7 cents worth of cards inside.

That's about $100 worth of stupidity right there that eBay figures I want. Good times. (Thousands if I want the really good stuff that, once again, cannot be opened.)

If you eBay (and I know you do), click here and let's see what goodies are available to a discerning shopper like yourself.

You know you want to.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Wasn't it on a board somewhere recently where a guy sprung a high end graded pack from the late '50s, opened it up and found that between two commons, there were 16 or so cards from the mid-80's? This stuff is an absolute joke. All the better that people are grading actual junk packs and selling them.

Bay Rat North West said...

Touche sir!
My recomendations (after purchasing item you linked) stayed on cards. I am slightly saddened.

Unknown said...

Knows me?
That's a no-brainer for eBay, seeing as I've already bought four of those.

stusigpi said...

Especially the off brand grading. That's the best. I would trust PSA but if I were going to bust a pack it would certainly be on video. Man I wish someone would find 1000 cases of every Bowman, Topps, Goudey, etc issue. They damn near did of 75 Topps Minis and we saw how that turned out.