Friday, September 11, 2009

Updating the TBL Card Fest

A few weeks ago Punk Rock Paint and Beardy made another push in the storied history that is the Big Lebowski Card Fest. Thanks to Beardy, who has contributed well over half of the set, we now have the series 2 checklist completed with painstaking detail by our own beloved Punk Rock Paint.

Be sure to check out their blogs. If you already have, well, do it again. What the hell is wrong with you anyway?

These 8 cards bring us up to date, only 2 weeks after they were originally submitted. The fact that it took 2 weeks suprises absolutely nobody.

TBL087 Nihilists #04 2008 Beardy Original

TBL088 Checklist 02 1968 Topps
Punk Rock Paint

TBL089 Dude #13 2008 Masterpieces

TBL090 Brandt #02 2008 Masterpieces

TBL091 Jesus #08 2008 Masterpieces

TBL092 Creep Can Roll #01 2008 Masterpieces

TBL093 Oat Soda #01 2008 Masterpieces

TBL094 Mark It Zero #01 2008 Masterpieces

I think that it is very appropriate that most if these are called masterpieces, because that's exactly what they are. How Beardy creates these effects is beyond me. But it is awesome.

Thanks fellas.

Oh, and Beardy, I wasn't sure if these were based on 07 or 08 Masterpieces, or what. And I was too lazy to figure it out. If I need to change them just let me know and I will do it tout suite.

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