Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turk Off 2: 13 - 16 The Dog Days of Turk

Well, the Turk Off is neck and neck. Beardy is ahead in the popular vote while I maintain my slight edge in the electoral college. We all know which one of those counts.

I see that Beardy put up his next batch of packs. I'm dying to see what he got but I decided to get my post up first. There's no particular reason why. It's just the way I decided to do it.

The following takes place between pack 13 and pack 16 of the Turk Off:

Pack 13:

589 Stan Musial 2pts Stan the Man. As awesome as this guy is the card should be worth more than 2.

598 Josh Barfield
480 Phil Nevin
363 Hideki Matsui 2/2 = 1pts

467 Mark Buehrle SP 5 pts

367 Jay Gibbons 2pts

378 Coco Crisp -2pts
463 Mike Lowell

Pack Total: 8 pts

Pack 14:

386 Cliff Lee 2pts It would be nice to have C.C. and Cliff as our 1 and 2 starters next season. Yeah you don't run across back to back Cy Young winners all that often. But, we'll go into this season with a rotation featuring one guy who hasn't pitched in almost 2 years due to Tommy John surgery and another who was sent to SINGLE A to try to remember how to pitch. So that should be pretty good to.

324 Jimmy Rollins
349 Mariano Rivera -1pts
532 Scott Rolen White 5pts

491 Rich Harden Red 2pts

630 Justin Verlander 2pts Detroit will probably suck next year to, but at least they get to watch this guy every 5 days.

335 AJ Burnett
628 Michael Pelfrey

Pack Total: 10 pts

Pack 15:

538 Jose Vidro
544 Chris Capuano
402 John Patterson
336 Mike Sweeney
441 Zach Duke Red 2pts Man, a lot of guys named Zach around lately. I love that show Chuck and maybe my opinion is colored due to his character, but Zachary Levi looks like the most unlikeliest guy to be named Zach I've ever seen. Zach. Zach. It's such a weird name to begin with.

526 Jeff Kent
539 Alex Gonzalez
434 Joe Blanton

Pack Total: 2 pts

Pack 16:

554 Jeff Francis
613 Fransisco Liriano
536 Kelvim Escobar
499 Marcus Giles White 5pts

431 Ben Sheets Red 2pts

560 Vernon Wells
550 Curt Schilling
379 Moises Alou

Pack Total: 7 pts

I don't know what to make of this set. Only one really bad score, but also none that are untouchable. Of course I thought 32 was untouchable. I'm prepared to go 0-4 here, but I'm expecting to split it. I'll find out directly.

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