Friday, December 11, 2009

What a Happy Day

What a Happy Day!

I can See!

I Got Legs!

The Browns finally beat The Inbred!

That's right, my beleaguered, embarrassing football team finally beat their rivals last night. It was the coldest night of the year but we will remember it warmly in Cleveland. All of you with average or better football teams would have trouble understanding what a game like that would mean to a fanbase such as Clevelands during a season is where the only thing to look forward to is a new coach (hopefully) and Ndomakong Suh.

But, for now, we bask in the glory of a simple victory that we've been waiting for for over half the decade. And, to all the front running Inbred fans residing in NE Ohio...SUCK IT! For the next 9 months we own your ass.

BTW, how great would this monster look in an Orange helmet? Did you know his name means "House of Spears"? I'm crappin' you negative.


Matt Runyon said...


Nachos Grande said...

As a Steelers fan, I say boo. Actually, that's a lie. I'm so angry at the Steelers that I didn't even care that I don't get NFL Network. Stupid Steelers. They were my one good team I rooted for...and now they are almost as bad as my Reds.

Dubbs said...

Be careful how many more games your Browns can manage to win, or you're crapping away your chances of landing Mr. Suh!

He would look great in an orange helmet, though. Just sayin'.

beardy said...

If there's one thing we both agree on, it's that the Steelers eat monkeyballs while frenching their mothers.

Enjoy the victory, and as a Ravens fan, I thank you kindly for the breathing room. Let's hope it's not squandered away, aimlessly.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

I remember watching your monster there play high school ball at Grant HS here in Portland, OR. Same high school that gave us Daryl Motley

Captain Canuck said...

and with that win, Mr Suh will be wearing creamsicle next season.

way to go Browns. say hello to a 1st round wideout again. maybe that dude from ND

SpastikMooss said...


I grew up a Pats fan from New England (since 1990 not since 2001), but got kind of disenchanted because they won too much. Luckily my four years of undergrad took place in North east Ohio. And by my senior year, I was a HUGE Browns fan. Thanks mostly to Josh Cribbs.

I'm living in Indiana now, but I cheer harder for the browns that any team out there. And seeing Cribbs absolutely own last night...damn it feels good to be a Browns fan today.

Unknown said...

As a follower of my beleaguered Steelers well shit happens!! Congrats to the Cleveland Cribbs and winning one against their own (Big Ben and if you wanna get technical lets throw in santonio!!) Maybe you can get the chin back in and let him build your team back up because the mangini is only as good as his belechick!!

Motherscratcher said...

Man, lot's of Steelers fans. You guys are everywhere. The only Steelers fans I have a problem with are the front runners born right here in Cleveland. Lebron's a Yankees fan and that's OK. I'll forgive anyone from Cleveland being a Steelers fan when they become the best player on the planet and play for Cleveland. Otherwise, I have no use for them.

FOR - At least you still have the Bengals, until someone gets arrested anyway.

Dubbs - considering what we've done with high draft picks I'll take a win and a lower draft position any day.

Beardy - I'm sorry to say (not really) but it's looking like the Ravens might not have what it takes this year either.

Rod - that must have been a hell of a thing. I was able to watch Robert Smith play in high school. It wasn't fair.

El Capitan - Please, no. There is a short list of acceptable draft picks and Golden Tater isn't on it.

Moosss - It would be tough to live here for 4 years and not get converted. Best day for Brown's fans in years.

BigDaddy - Cleveland Cribbs is right. There hasn't been a player that connects with the city like this since Bernie. He has become a legend here. I'm with you on Mangini. He still has to go.