Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turk Off 2: 21 - 24

OK, so it looks like my euphoria over getting 2 relics and an auto was misguided, as Beardy pulled a second relic to go with his auto as well. I could have sworn I only got 2 relics in my other box. Oh well, that's OK.

You might also have noticed that Beardy's miniscule lead held up as well. I couldn't believe it. My packs were all better than his. In fact, if either of us had pulled any of those packs in a different order, I would have regained the lead. It's really amazing, actually.

Does it surprise me? Not is the least. You see, I know how good Beardy is at the Turk Off game. If I had been playing someone else, like Dubbs or Canuck, this would have been over long ago. When it comes to a well played Turk Off those guys are faqin amateurs.

But not Beardy. Well played good sir.

Here is my final submission.

Pack 21:

575 Conference On The Mound CL -1pts
344 Chris Carpenter
624 Fausto Carmona 2pts The ying to Westbrook's bottom of the rotation yang. I can't believe these gus are our 1 and 2.

617 Erick Aybar
418 Noah Lowry Red 2pts

576 Touch 'Em All Cl
611 Jose Capellan
552 Mike Lieberthal

Pack Total: 3 pts

Pack 22:

381 Mark Grudzielanek
496 Kameron Loe -2pts
470 Miguel Tejada
486 BJ Ryan White 5 pts

525 Robinson Cano Red 2/2 = 1pts

491 Rich Harden
479 Brandon Webb
389 Orlando Carbera

Pack Total: 4 pts

Pack 23:

398 Joe Nathan
503 Roy Halladay
432 Matt Holliday
403 JD Drew Black 10pts JD Drew crushed my dreams a few years ago with a grand slam in the ALCS. And the Red Sox fans still don't like him.

611 Jose Capellan Red 2pts

621 Jason Kubel
626 John Rheinecker
404 Bruce Chen 2pts Anyone ever see that movie "They Call Me Bruce"? I used to love that movie. Not that it has anything to do with anything.

Pack Total: 14 pts

Pack 24:

518 Andy Pettite
513 Mike Mussina -1pts
508 Tim Hudson (Damn, wrong uni again)
556 Willy Tavarez
316 Alez Rodriguez Red 2/2 = 1pts

JR Jose Reyes Relic 8pts Another Relic! Can you believe it? I know it's still only 8 points, but another one. That isn't normal, is it? 4 hits in this box?

578 Bunting The Runner Over Cl

Pack Total: 8 pts

B-18 Blanket: Carlos Lee 5pts I have no idea what the heck I'm supposed to do with this.

Well there it is. Finito.

I tried to psych Beardy out a little bit by telling him that I had some good stuff coming up. It wasn't really a lie, as I did pull another hit. (And how crazy is it that it came in my last pack?) But, the truth is I need to win 3 of the last 4 packs and I don't think I have the juice to do it. Not unless I get really lucky. No, Beardy's masterfully played 17-20 packs sealed my fate. That was my 99MPH fastball with 2 strikes and he fouled it back. Kept that at bat alive.

I tip my cap.

No matter what the outcome I have a nice little prize for the Beardman. I wish it included some great Orioles cards, but it probably won't. I haven't busted enough wax in the last 6 months to come up with anything very good. But, I hope he'll enjoy it anyway.

I know there are those of you out there who are feeling really good about yourselves because you predicted a Beardy victory. Well, go ahead, bask in the glow. You might have been right this time. But not because you know anything about the Turk Off.

I think you just picked him because you like dudes with Beards.


Nachos Grande said...

We all win when there's a Turk-off.

How big is that blanket thingy? I've never seen one of those before...weird

Motherscratcher said...

Truer words were never spoken, FOR. Especially on this blog where it's all 95% BS.

The blanket is exactly 5.25 inches square. Not even big enough for Scuba Steve.

beardy said...

I voted for myself twice because I like dudes with beards...... that are my..... self....

SpastikMooss said...

I sort of like the Derrek Lee blankie. Haha I want one.

Sharpe said...

Love beards so much, grew one myself.