Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs Release Schedule

Since all of you are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of my Ginter Box for Gint-A-Cuffs Part Deux, I decided to throw you all a bone and give you the schedule for when the posts will be released. That way you can all plan your own lives accordingly; so you can be sitting at your computers (As if any of us ever sit anywhere else) for all of the Ginter goodness.

I'd hate to think that someone might miss out on say, packs 8-12 and unwittingly be subjected to a spoiler on Sportscenter or the evening news. I know for a fact that Brian Williams couldn't give a shit about spoiling this stuff for you.

Get out your day planners and Blackberrys, here's the schedule:

Packs 1-4: sometime today, tomorrow, or possibly Friday (probably not Friday though)

Packs 5-8: sometime today, tomorrow, or maybe Friday (still probably not Friday but definitely after packs 1-4. Don't bother even looking for packs 5-8 until 1-4 have been posted, and you can take that to the bank. I guarantee it.)

The rest of the packs: sometime today, tomorrow, of maybe Friday. But only after the other packs have been revealed.

The N43 Card (if that's in fact what I got): Sometime after all of the other packs have been posted. That's right, all 24 of them.

The RIP Card (This is only for if I DID get a rip card, which I'm not guaranteeing. So don't even bother trying to figure out if I got a Yovanni Gallardo Rip Card and Ripped the Holy Hell out of it. But if I did, here's where you get to find out what I got. You know...allegedly.) After all of the other stuff.

So, there you go. Now you have no excuse to miss anything or be left behind. If I was you, I wouldn't plan anything that would take you away from your computer for 5-10 minutes.


beardy said...

We're gonna like... hold you to that.

Captain Canuck said...

dammit dude... what if I have to pee?... good thing I have all those empty soda bottles piled up beside my computer desk.........