Sunday, April 19, 2009

TBL Card Fest: Beardy

That's right kids, Greg has been at it again. Here is the latest from the TBL Card Fest MVP

Walter #07 2008 UD A Piece Of History

I'm sure Mrs. Jamtoss would be proud of this card, being a social studies teacher and all.

Now there are 3 cards that (I think) are Beardy Originals. He has dubbed them "Potent Quotables". They are fantastic

Bush #01 2009 Potent Quotables

I love the design. One thing I really like is the Buckeye leaf at the bottom of the card. I didn't even know Greg was a Buckeye fan. I guess it makes sense though. EVERYONE is a Buckeye fan, right?

Jeffrey Lebowski #03 1009 Potent Quotables

One of the great things about Potent Quotables is the fact that this could be a 500 card insert set. Every line that the Big Lebowski (The other Lebowski. The millionaire.) says could be a Potent Quotable.

Stranger #02 2009 Potent Quotables

I don't know about you but, I take comfort in this card.

Back with more directly

*Yes, I know it's not a Buckeye leaf.


PunkRockPaint said...

I MUST HAVE THE POTENT QUOTABLES TEMPLATE (please read in zombie-must-eat-brains style.)

That is AWESOME!!!!

beardy said...

I'll send it over. I know you're the paint master, but do you have photoshop? Otherwise I'm not sure how to send it in a format you could utilize.