Friday, April 24, 2009

TBL Card Fest: A Plethora

More TBL Cards commin' at ya! They just keep getting better and better. As per usual, this post is anchored by Beardy.

From White Sox Cards:

Saddam #02 Desert Storm

Steven pulled this desert storm card out of nowhere and fixed it up with the soup nazi. Fabulous stuff, man. You may wonder, "why Saddam"? Well, if you recall, this who sordid business took place right around the time of our (initial) conflict with the Eyeraqis. So, Saddam giving out shoe's at the bowling ally makes sense.

Yes it does.

Does too.

From Punk Rock Paint:

Dude #12 2009 Authentix

A sweet ticket stub card from the Speed of Sound tour. "Why the Speed of Sound Tour?" you ask? Because dude was a roadie for this non-existent production. Like Shawn Fanning, Dude was less than impressed with Metallica. That, however, hasn't stopped the good folks at the Lebowskifest from recreating the tour this summer.

This card rocks.

2 more from Beardy. Is this guy incredible or what?

Brothers Of Ethos #01 2009 Beardy Original

One is Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. The other is the Walrus. They are, as the card suggests, truly Brothers of Ethos. Not in Nam, of course.

292 F-Bombs #01 2008 Triple Threads

One of the first truly high end submissions. Unlike most Triple Thread cards, this one signifies a truly historic accomplishment. If you are skeptical just watch this. Do NOT watch this if you are at work, around your kids, or offended by profanity, no matter how artistically done. This cards really kicks ass.

Beardy keeps raising his own bar.

There Beardy. You happy now you crazy fuck?!

(inside joke)