Sunday, April 19, 2009

TBL Card Fest: Paul and Steve

A few weeks ago we had a new submission to the TBL set from a new blogger. He left a card and a link in the comments of one of the previous posts. It only took about 2 weeks to see that it was there. Hey better late than never, right?

We also have another submission to the set from one of the charter members. Steven at White Sox Cards actually gave a name to this beast and got the who ball rolling, so to speak. Without him, this whole thing may still just be kicking around my head.

Hear is his latest:

Plymouth Fury #01 2009 WSC Original

At least I think it's an original card. I'm sure I'll be set straight if it is not. Once this set is complete I think we should all get together (We've already agreed to meet down the road with Patricia and Lucy) and set fire to this card while listening to Kraftwerk. Who's coming with me?

Here is a card from Paul who has a really cool (not to mention immensely popular) music blog. I recommend you check it out.

Smokey #02 1973 Topps

This is a really cool card. I can't believe that this thing is spreading so far and wide across the ether. I hope this isn't the last of the TBL cards from Paul. We gotta keep feeding the monkey, you know?

Also check out his Raising Arizona cards


Paul said...

Thanks man! That Smokey card was my first attempt, and it was a blast (if a little rough around the edges). There will be more now that I've honed my "skill" a tiny bit. Any excuse to goof off and honor TBL at the same time is alright by me.

Steve Gierman said...

The Fury card was based off of a 1976 Topps car set.