Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's A Card

Anything to get Pink Beardy off of the front page there so he's not staring at me every time I open my blog.

So here's a card.

And, with Cory Snyder you got no complaints.


night owl said...

I just realized that dude in the pink was wearing an Orioles cap! I ... am ... so ... slow.

But thanks for putting Snyder up there. That's much better. Although he's not as snappy of a dresser.

Motherscratcher said...

That whole "this is Beardy hahahaha" thing probably didn't make a whole lot of sense to you until just recently, huh?

night owl said...

Well, in fairness to me, I was a little distracted by the gal's assets.

But, yeah, I was George McFly on that one.

AdamE said...

There was a guy in that picture???