Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stale Gum Contest

Inspired by Beardy, I've decided to dust off the old photoshop skills to enter the National Chicle Parody Card Contest over at Stale Gum (It's this whole other blog).

Without any rational explanation, "Chicle" is actually the name of a baseball card set coming out in 2010. It is apparently a fun little retro-themed set where they take one player's card and put another player's name on it.

It's really fun, and easy to do.

Here's mine:
Look. You can hardly tell. In fact, the only way that you'd know that this isn't an actual card of the Mick is when you realize that he never played for the Tribe. On the other hand, that's apparently the entire point of the set. Nothing makes sense!!!

You're damn right I used three exclamation points!

This is fun as all get out. I'll probably even make a few more.

Admit first you thought it was Mantle, didn't you?


Captain Canuck said...

the only thing that gave it away was the dude in the stands wearing the pink hat.
the real mantle would have beat him senseless with a whiskey bottle.

Collective Troll said...

you fooled me... I love it! Best card so far! Great job!

Play at the Plate said...

Thanks, now Topps will be using that image for all of next year's T206 Checklists.