Friday, October 17, 2008

Names and such

You may be wondering how the name Grady was picked. If you’re reading this blog you are probably a baseball fan and are likely aware that I am an Indians fan. This would lead you to consider that maybe he was named after Grady Sizemore, the incredible Cleveland center fielder and my favorite current Tribesman. Those of you who think this are absolutely 100% correct. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

For those of you who believe that there’s not a chance in hell that my wife Katie would let me name our son after a baseball player, here is another theory: My wife wanted a family name. Grady is an old family name on Katie’s side, her great grandmother’s surname.
Her whole family is Irish and there were a few names to pick from. I’m mostly German. Ultimately we kept coming back to Grady. We thought we had a few more months, but in the end, we had to pick something quick. I think it’s probably better that way.

The following is a list of names considered, but ultimately rejected for one reason or another.

From Katie’s side:

Franklin – not bad, but already taken.

Casey – same thing

John – Too common I guess

From my side: (this is a more exhaustive list as my mother is something of a fiend for genealogy)

Harry – Grandfather’s middle name. My wife was having none of it despite my pointing out that Letterman used it for his son. This failed to move her. In fact I suggested we then use her father’s name “Gerry” as well. Harry Gerry Kramer has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Maybe I’m the only one.

Cooper – Not bad. Rejected due to close affiliation with the Manning family.

Cushman – Awesome name but it’s already a close cousin’s middle name. I liked the idea of him having the same nickname as Jerry O’Connell’s character. Then I could teach him that song he played on the guitar.

Bartholomew – Pretty sweet. No chance in hell. My wife has no sense of humor.

Lemuel – My personal favorite. I have something like 4 ancestors named Lemuel. It’s ridiculous. Why it fell out of favor I’ll never know, but my wife wouldn’t allow the attempted comeback. She has no vision.

Others considered:

Bodhi and Dalton – Only for twins. For some reason I think it would be hilarious to name twins after Patrick Swayze’s character in Point Break and Roadhouse.

Quint – I love Jaws

Lucas or Luke – I thought of Paul Newman. My wife thought of Corey Haim.

Dayf – That conversation happened in the hospital and went like this:

Me – “I just got an awesome package of cards from a guy in Atlanta”
Katie – “What for?”
Me – “I told him I’m a fan of Dan Gable”
Katie – “The wrestler?”
Me – “Yeah”
Katie – “He played baseball too?”
Me – “No, but they make all sorts of cards”
Katie – “So he sent you a Dan Gable card? That was nice. Why’d he do that?”
Me – “Just because. That’s what the blog people (that’s what I call us to my wife) do. It wasn’t just Gable either. He sent me a whole shitload of Indians. I’m trying to find some interesting stuff to send back to him. Maybe we could name the kid after him.”
Katie – “What’s his name”
Me – “Dayf”
Katie – “Dave? Your uncle’s named Dave.”
Me – “No, Dayf”
Katie – “Dave?”
Me – “Dayf”
Katie – “What are you saying? Dave?”
Me – “No, Dayf”
Katie – “Huh?”
And…….scene. I have no recollection of how that conversation ended. Most likely my wife started to ignore me or the nurse came in. Either way, sorry Dayf. I tried.

· Travis – Maybe 2 years ago.

· Manny – Maybe 10 years ago

· J’Grady , LeGrady, DaGrady – I liked them.

Possible nicknames: There really are no shortened or nicknames for Grady. This is probably a good thing. But, if he needs one, here are a few that may be considered, and I welcome your input:

· Larry – I just like that name. My friends are still texting me asking how “Little Larry” is doing. My wife is thrilled.
· Captain Cheeseburger – I think it’s taken, though.

· Skippy McGillicutty – What an awesome name

· LT – Why not? Apparently people have no qualms about giving this to others despite it already being the nickname of the greatest linebacker ever.

· Berserker – Someone already wrote a great song

· Pilot Inspector – Wait…It’s already taken
I guess none of those will probably stick, but I’m open to suggestions. This is your homework Larry.


--David said...

ROTFL! Great story! I'm glad you went for Grady, even if it was only slightly connected to Sizemore. :-)

dayf said...

Dayf is actually "Dave" spoken by someone with a thick German accent like, for example, Sargent Schultz from Hogan's Heroes, or you average run of the mill Nihilist. So both you and your wife were technically correct.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go have a mild panic attack over what I indirectly almost caused to happen to that poor child.

Motherscratcher said...

Vee vant zat money Lebofski. You sink veer kidding und making vit ze funny stuff? Vee could do sings you only dreamed of Lebofski. Ja, vee believe in nossing, Lebofski. NOSSING! Tomorrow vee come back and cut off your chonson. I SAY VEE CUT OFF YOUR CHONSON! Just sink about zat, Lebofski. Ja, und maybe vee stemp on it und skvish it.

Sorry, I get carried away when I get any kind of chance to do my german accent.

Dayf, I didn't know you were a nihilist.

dayf said...

Yeah, I even got a marmot.

Congrats on the kid by the way. Enjoy every day and remember to get your sleep.