Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Take 2: 17 - 20 Beardy's Gaze

I'm starting to think that I may not beat Beardy or the Nacho Cheese Man. This doesn't surprise me. Beardy made the rules. And, look at that guy. Look at his eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes that you can get lost in for days. And that beard that just begs to be touched. Rough, but silky smooth at the same time...uhh...wait...uhh...I mean...You can just tell that he's up to something and not to be trusted.

See. He hypnotized me or something.



Pack 17:

255 Aramis Ramirez
88 Brad Penny
298 Dan Haren
243 Alexander Cartwright
AGA-BY Brock Yates Auto +15

196 Joey Votto Mini +5 Black Border/Favorite

NP61 Mark Teahen

Pack Total: 20
Box Total: 168

Pack 18:

62 Dan Uggla
123 Barry Zito
246 General Custer
90 Bobby Crosby -1
277 Kerry Wood +1

330 Cristian Guzman +5 SP

256 Jose Lopez Mini
NP64 Francisco Liriano

Pack Total: 5
Box Total: 173

Pack 19:

189 Casey Kotchman
141 Carlos Zambrano
24 Steve Weibe
194 Brandon Morrow
212 Mariel Zagunis
95 David Patton
HHB15 The Bathtub Book +5 World's Biggest Hoaxes

NP65 Carlos Delgado

Pack Total: 5
Box Total: 178

Pack 20:

175 Alfonso Soriano
283 Mike Aviles
173 Francisco Rodriguez
57 Frank Evans +2 Negro League Player

21 Robinson Cano
42 Mark Beuhrle
100 Ichiro
NP43 Jose Lopez

Pack Total: 2
Box Total: 180

YES!!! A Brock Yates Auto!!! Just the very one that I was trying to pull. So in 2 boxes I've gotten 2 autos. One is the horse guy, the other is the guy who won the Cannonball Run. Don't get me wrong, I love the Cannonball Run more than most. But if I'm getting a Cannonball Run auto, is it too much to ask that it's Jack Elam?

So that's 2 autos, zero ballplayers.

And, I know at this point a shouldn't complain about a 5 point card, but, A Bathtub? Really? Are you freakin' kidding me with a bathtub card?

And my second hit of the box is a guy named Brock that's not Brock Landers. Not good times.

I guess that you are all starting to see the "historic nature" of my box.

It gets better. Oh, it gets much better.

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beardy said...

Stare directly into my eyes... you are getting sleepy... very sleepy... you will send that Brock Yates auto to beardy... and stroke his beard.