Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TBL Card Fest: Punk Rock Paint Breaths New Life

After laying dormant for a few month, Mr Paint of Punk Rock Paint fame has infused some much needed life to the TBL set. We need only 3 more to add another checklist to the set. We've taken a big enough break. I guess it was inevitable. Makers of the TBL cards are most likely far lazier than the average human. And then Beardy, for some reason, gets a job. Well fellas, it's time to get cracking again.

Here are the 3 awesome cards giving the set a re-boot, courtesy of Punk Rock Paint:

TBL083 Nixon #02 2009 Sports Royalty
Punk Rock Paint

I just watched Frost Nixon the other day. Good movie. I must admit, though, that I thought of this poster more than once.

TBL084 Walter #08 2009 Sports Royalty
Punk Rock Paint

Look at this card. It's as if Walter is insisting on us making more.

TBL085 Jesus #07 2009 Sports Royalty
Punk Rock Paint

Dios mio, mang.

Sweet, it's good to have TBL Card Fest back in my life. I have to see if I can remember what rudimentary photoshop skills I stll posses. Maybe I'll try MS paint.

Thanks Travis, you are the man.

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