Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bad Wax Break: 1999 Bowman's Best

Here is a pack od 1999 Bowmans Best from the Bad Wax Group Breaks. I love these. You just get a pack or two of some random box for a few bucks and see what you get. Check them out. Just make sure that there is enough room for me.

#112 Ben Davis

#146 Preston Wilson

#98 Tony Gwynn Best Performers

#97 Ben Grieve Best Performers

#96 Kerry Wood Best Performers

#166 Bobby Seay

Not too bad. It won't be the best pack, but with a Gwynn it sure won't be the worst either. And, I even got an Indian...even if he is wearing a Cubs Jersey.

I really like these. Very Shiny.

1 comment:

PunkRockPaint said...

Me like Tony Gwynn... Shiny good!