Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs 15+16: The Relics Are Coming!

OK, I got my red ink auto. Now I've got to really turn up the heat on the Bearded Wonder. This is another abreviated 2 pack edition.

Pack 15:

#248 Colby Rasmus
#142 Lashawn Merritt
#96 Geronimo
#29 Jonathan Papelbon
#AGR-JM Joe Mauer Relic - Favorite Player 8x5 = +40 - Sweet. Joe Mauer, my afore mentioned alternate universe possible favorite player (truth be told, I probably have about 5-7 players who I would confidently declare my "if only" favorite). Good thing is he's on the list so this one is worth a cool 40. Not too shabby, Joe. Not too shabby.

#75 David Wright Mini - Favorite Player +3 - Another favorite player lister. I can't remember. I'm pretty sure that this is Dayf's favorite. Yeah, that sounds right.

#NP63 Carlos Beltran National Pride

Pack Total: +43
Box Total: 195
PBB: 152

Pack 16:

#9 Ryan Theriot
#94 Paul Maholm
#83 Ludwig Van Beethoven
#22 Mariano Rivera -1

#61 Burke Kenny Beard Champion +2 - I was all set to send this off too Beardy to ease his pain on another phenominal come back by yours truly. But, I just noticed on his blog that it is already en rout. So I guess I'll just keep this little masterpiece for myself.

#338 Jason Wong SP +5

#304 Yunel Escobar Mini Sp A&G Back 7+2 = +9

#NP66 Joba Chamberlain -1

Pack Total: +14
Box Total: 209pts
PBB: 138

Cocnlusions: That Mauer Relic is really nice. I love the design on these relics and autos and silks and such. This really is a fabulous set.

8 packs to go and I have my work cut out for me. I have a feeling Beardy is sweating it out a little bit. All I need is for my last hit to be a Sizemore and I'll blow right past him.

Also, this could be one of those boxes like Nachos Grande got with 4 hits. You never know.


Nachos Grande said...

After that favorite player hit, your box is looking quite a bit better!

beardy said...

red ink and a favorite player relic? I see 300 in your future.