Monday, July 20, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs 9-12: Scratcher's Lament

Here's the third part where I should begin to make my move on his Beardness. So will I start the chase or give him the rope-a-dope? Let's find out together, shall we?

Pack 9:

#134 Jered Weaver
#216 Derek Lowe
#68 Jamie Moyer
#27 Manny Ramirez
#324 Wladimir Balentien SP +5

#AGHS20 CC Sabathia - Sketch +3 - I know he's a Yankee, but not on this card (and not in my heart). I didn't subtract a point. I hope that was proper. I guess the commish can dock me if I'm wrong. Which I'm not.

#210 Johan Santana Mini
#NP62 Ryan Braun Natioan Pride - Favorite Player +4 - Here's Braun looking not so much like Chris Cornell.

Pack Total: +12
Box Total: 72pts
PBB: 275

Pack 10:

#110 Kevin Youklis
#262 Magglio Ordonez
#72 Carlos Lee
#86 Michael Cuddyer
#282 Eric Chavez
#92 Joe Mauer - Favorite Player List +2 - I love Future Yankee Joe Mauer. He would be my favorite player if he was on the Tribe.

#140 Loren Opestedahl Mini - Black Border +3 - This guy can really shave his ass off. Chicks dig that.

#NP61 Mark Teahen National Pride

Pack Total: +5
Box Total: 77pts
PBB: 270

Pack 11:

#267 Melvin Mora
#221 Brandon Webb
#12 Jermaine Dye
#259 Napoleon Bonaparte
#292 Oliver Perez
#334 Pat Burrell SP - Favorite Player List 5+2 = +7

#128 Red Moore Mini - Negro Leaguer +3 (I figured this was worth an extra point for being a mini. Commish can dock me if I'm out of line.)

#NP72 Edgar Gonzalez National Pride

Pack Total: +10
Box Total: 87pts
PBB: 260

Pack 12:

#184 Chris Young
#210 Johan Santana
#107 Bryan Berg
#56 Daniel Murphy
#213 Stephanie Browm Trafton
#136 Mickey Mantle -1

#NH40 Marcus Garvey - National Heroes +5

#NP65 Carlos Delgado National Pride

Pack total: +4
Box Total: 91pts
PBB: 256

Are you freakin' kidding me with this box? I'm halfway done and I have under 100 points? This is getting stupid. Hey, at least I got that sheep shaver guy. That's something.

I guess.


beardy said...

You're saving all the hits for the end, you freakin drama queen.

Motherscratcher said...

I swear that I'm posting these in the exact order that I opened them up.

I can semi-prove it if you need me to.

I'm perfectly calm.