Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs 17-20: Turning It Up...Or Not

Getting down to the nitty gritty now. Only 2 posts left. Can I pull it off?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Pack 17:

#121 Ryan Church
#113 Rafael Furcal
#195 Kevin Kouzmanoff
#32 Jeremy Bonderman
#119 Scott Lewis - Favorite Team +1 - That's former Buckeye Scott Lewis

#35 Geovany Soto - Favorite Player List +2 - What the heck is up with Soto's (hey, that's a whatchamacallit...a...uh...palindrome) face here? It's bizarre, strange, and a little disconcerting. He looks like he's flaunting knowledge of a secret that he consideres innocent enough, but is actually horrible and evil to any non-sociopath. Something like he knows the place where the girl is buried and when she'll run out of oxygen. Creepy.

#126 Trevor Crowe Mini - Favorite Team +1

#NP67 Adrian Gonzalez Natioanl Pride - Favorite Player List +4

Pack Total: +8
Box Total: 217pts

Pack 18:

#187 Brett Myers
#287 James Shields
#30 Ryan Howard
#80 Joe Martinez
#336 Ryan Ludwick SP +5

#AGHS21 David Price - Sketch +3 The hot rookie should have been worth something.

#178 Adam Laroche - Favorite Player List +3

#NP68 Ichiro

Pack Total: +11
Box Total: 228pts
PBB: 119

Pack 19:

#254 John Maine
#1 Jay Bruce - Favorite Player List +2 - If your name was "Jay Bruce" is there any way your nickname wouldn't be "Jaybert The Bruce"? I should be in charge of nicknames. If I was in charge he sure wouldn't end up as "J-Bru", I can tell you that much.

#18 Clyde Parris - Negro Leaguer +2

#232 Everth Cabrera
#269 Brian McCann - Favorite Player List +2 - Opps. Forgot to rotate this one apparently. And anyone who thinks I'm not too lazy to fix it hasn't been reading this blog very long.

#314 Chad Billingsley SP +5

#88 Brad Penny Mini
#NP7 Chipper Jones National Pride - Favorite Player List +4

## Monopoly Guy Crack The Code

Pack Total: +15
Box Total: 243pts
PBB: 104

Pack 20:

#204 Casey Blake
#182 Jose Reyes
#181 Aaron Rowand
#280 Shin Soo Choo - Favorite Team +1 Potential favorite player to take the place of Future Yankee Grady Sizemore when he eventually leaves. I love this guy.

#14 Troy Tulowitzki
#256 Jose Lopez - Crack The Code +2

#190 BJ Upton Mini Black Border +3

#NP6 Johnny Cueto National Pride

Pack Total: +6
Box Total: +249
PBB: 98

Conclusions: OK, I'm a little less than 100 behind with one (or is it 2?) more relic(s?) to go. Not easy, but certainly not impossible either. Beardy must be going out of his mind with anticipation.

So, do you think I have the juice?

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beardy said...

I think you're going to finish 4 points shy of overtaking me. I also think that if there's 2 more hits in that box, then you're a cheater cheater pumpkin eater.