Monday, March 23, 2009

TBL Card Fest: More from Beardy

Here we have more submissions to TBL Card Fest by our good friend Beardy (AKA Greg Pipitone). Greg's talent for this type of thing is astounding. I spend 2 days making a card, check my email, and find about 10 cards from Greg. He keeps making them and sending more, you know? He's gotta feed the monkey, man.

I'm going to milk Greg (you can milk anything with nipples) and his talent for numerous posts so you don't get them all at once. Here are 4 of the latest submissions:

Hungus La Joya #01 - 1955 Bowman

This is a scene from the Jacki Treehorn production "Gutterballs". If I'm not mistaken, Karl is about to fix the cable. That is why they called him. He's an expert.

Brandt #01 - 1989 Upper Deck

Brandt is looking for the necessary means for a necessary means for a chance to locate $100.

Jacki Treehorn #01 - 1981 Topps

Jacki Treehorn is a know pornographer, and that's cool, that's cool. We dig the way be does business. It's is unclear whether he jerks off manually.

Donny #01 - 2008 Finest

As a surfer, Donny explored the beaches of California. By all accounts he was a flowering young man.

This set is really shaping up. There is much more to come from Beardy.

Thanks very much, man. It is greatly appreciated.

On Deck: Dubbs
In the hole: More Beardy

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beardy said...

already made a better donny card. somehow this just doesn't do him justice.