Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TBL Card Fest: More from Dubbs

2 kick ass submissions from Dubbs. I'll have to count em up, but I think we have more Wlaters than anyone else so far.

Walter #05 2008 Legacy

Here is a Walter card from everyones favorite set...Yankee Stadium Legacy!!! Hey Walter doesn't care. He had friends who died face down in the muck so we could enjoy this ridiculous card set. He's stayin'. Drinking his milkshake. Enjoying his milkshake.

Walter #04 2009 Topps Distinguished Service

You know, as big a screw up as Walter is, I have little doubt that he was a very good soldier. Anyone else think that? Or, am I completely off on this one?

More to come.

Isn't this fun? I should have done this 3 days ago.


beardy said...

these are kickass.

why does everything have to be about viet-freaking-nam walter!

tastelikedirt said...

I think Walter didn't even go to Nam. I could be wrong. These are awesome cards. Very clever.

Dubbs said...

Walter not in 'Nam?

I wouldn't put it past him, not in the least. Thanks for posting these, Mother.