Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ma ma ma My Redemption

Got my redemption from Upper Deck. In September, in a box of 2007 SP Authentic I pulled a dual auto Chirography of Hanley Ramirez and Stephen Drew. I was pretty excited. I redeemed it immediately. Today, just 12-16 short weeks (or 25) later my card arrived in the mail. Here it is.

I don't know what this card is but it sure isn't Hanley ramirez. Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis dual auto. I guess it's pretty comparable. Ya know, Miguel Cabrera or Jose Feliciano, ya got no complaints.

I would have liked to see that Hanley Ramirez though. I don't hold this against Upper Deck. I know nobody likes redemptions, but what the hell are they supposed to do if the player doesn't sign?

What I'm most disappointed about this card is the Willis auto. I like Dontrelle. Everything I've heard about him is that he's a good guy. He sure was exciting a few years ago. But c'mon, what the hell is up with that sig? Oh well, I still hope he can put it back together this year.

Upper Deck was also kind enough to send a bonus pack due to my long wait.

Here it is. A pack of 2007 Masterpieces with 4 WHOLE CARDS! Can you believe it? That's like a card for every month it was late! Thanks Upper Deck. You really shouldn't have. I feel like I should send you a check for $1.34. I'm getting away with robbery here.

I especially like how it's clearly marked "BONUS" so that when I'm enjoying opening my pack I don't forget for a second that they did it out of the goodness of their heart.

Might as well open the pack and see what's there.

Look at Josh Hamilton with those tattoos. You know he used to do drugs. Turned his life around. Now he regrets EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Don't believe me? Just ask Joe Buck.

All in all, not a bad surprise to find in the mail after work today. The dual auto is a nice card even if it isn't the one that I expected. And, I like Masterpieces so that was nice too.

Maybe the best part was the nice note they sent me that included the following: "We hope you enjoyed this exchanged item and hope it finds a cherished place in your collection". As cherished place in my collection? Who says that? I thought it was pretty funny.

Now I'll see if there's any way I can turn my nice new Cabrera/Willis auto into a Sizemore auto. That would be the bees knees. I would cherish it.



I sent in a redemption once. By the time the card got here , I'd forgotten about it ! They didn't send me FOUR free cards though ! Hope that doesn't force them to lay-off another employee.Where abouts in the Cleveland area do you live ? I'm about 30 miles south of Sandusky , just off Rt 250 in New London.Work for a Chrysler dealer in Sandusky.

Dubbs said...

Nice Joe Buck comment - you know, for some reason, he has never gotten to me. I can't stand Bob Costas, Harld Reynolds could die in a car crash tonight and I wouldn't lose any sleep, but I could listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver talk about baseball till the cows come home. Unless it's about the Red Sox, then I'd probably jump out into traffic.

And I shit you not - my "word verification" code is "marmie". Nice marmot.

Gary M Photo said...

What would Marge Schott say about tattoos like that?