Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TBL Card Fest: Beardy Part 3

Getting back to The Big Lebowski Card Fest, we have more cards from Beardy who is quickly establishing himself as the MVP of the set.

Dude #03 2008 Turkey Red Relic

Far out, man.

Bunny #01 1958 Topps

Here we see Bunny Lebowski taking a break from relaxing by trying to strike up a business deal with the Dude. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she tries to bring Brandt in on it for a little extra cash. Dude seems interested but nothing comes of it.

Nihilists #01 1974 Topps

Here we have the Nihilists in the midst of their extortion scheme. It's a solid plan.

On Deck: Me
In The Hole: Beardy
Balls Deep: Dubbs

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