Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grady Goes For Win #2

It's been almost a year since his first (and only) Indians game but today Grady will take another crack at it against the White Sox. The Tribe will be going for a 4 game win streak to get back to .500. If I wasn't such a lazy man I would look up how long it's been since they last were at .500 so late in the season.

However, since I doubt anyone else will bother to look it up either I'm going to just say it was 2007 and present that as factual. Hey, that was easy! I should do that more often! Maybe I can get a show on Fox News! There's even about a 43.2% chance that I'm right.

Here he is cheering the Tribe on last year. Look at him go.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures later. It looks like another beautiful sunny day in Cleveland! Should be a balmy 48 deg. And you know it will be nice and warm up by the lake.

Good Times!