Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tribecards: Random Brewers Edition

Just when you thought my blog was clear of free stuff from David, you get a bunch of Brewers!

That's right, more free stuff. I signed up for the Brewers on one of the giveaways at Tribecards (so long ago). I think he's had about 6 other giveaway contests since this one. I know he recently sent out just about his whole darn collection recently.

But, before he did that I was able to snag some Brewers. Here are 10 of them:

Cecil Cooper 1987 Topps

Whenever I look at a card like this I wonder if the people milling about in the stands have any idea they are on a card. Some of them have to know, right? There has to be a group of people that bore the heck out of dinner guests with their stories of being in the background of a 1982 Donruss card, or something.

I wish like crazy that I was in that group. And you better believe I'd show that 1988 Brook Jacoby card to every darn person I know.
Dale Sveum 1989 Score

Dale's last name is pronounced "SWAIM" or so I've been informed on the back if this card. That's a real purty swing Dale has there. Almost as pretty as his glorious mustache on the back of the card. You'll have to take my word for it.
Robin Yount 1994 Topps

Rumor has it this Yount guy was pretty good.

I can't think of a single thing to say about 1994 Topps. This card is epically boring.

Ron Robinson 1992 Stadium Club

OK, raise your hand if you had any idea that Chris Elliot used to play ball. I sure didn't.

Wanna buy a monkey?
Buck Martinez 1981 Fleer

Even though the design is really boring and you have to flip the card the wrong way to read the stats, I like Fleer's inaugural edition. And you could do worse than Buck Martinez.

Buck Martinez. What a name. It's like his parents decided that he was going to be a ballplayer when they named him that. Kind of like Wally Joyner. Or Nikki, if you want your little girl to end up a stripper.

I've always believed that there's a lot in a name.

Pat Listach 1992 Pinnacle

I remember Pat Listach as being a great player. I'm afraid to look him up on Baseball Reference because I have a feeling I'd be trashing a memory needlessly.

Damn. I couldn't help myself. Listach sucked.
John Jaha 1992 Donruss Rated Rookie

I'd have no qualms about looking up Johnny Boy. I loved this guy. I don't care what anyone says. This guy was great. He killed the Tribe too.

That's right. Career OPS+ 116. Jaha rocked.

Although he did only play 3 full seasons. I wonder, was he hurt a lot or something?

Tyrone Hill 1992 Pinnacle

OK, that was mean. I didn't mean that. I'm sure it's just the angle of the camera or something.

Richie Sexson 2001 Donruss

I've got nothing to add other than this is a nice looking card. And I always liked Sexson.

Jeromy Burnitz 1999 Upper Deck Ovation

I liked Burnitz too. I was sad to see him traded, but we got Seitzer in that trade so I wasn't too sad. But I liked him. He was pretty good. He had some good years. He had a few great ones.

He made the all star team once. In 1999 that was. Like a said. Pretty good career.

Jeromy Burnitz made $47 million in his career.

Let me repeat that.

$47 million.

That's four seven zero zero zero zero zero zero.

I just thought everyone should know that.

Thank you again David. Awesome, as usual.

This time I really do think that's the end of them.

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