Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am Joe Collector: Big League Choo Edition

I found another stack of cards that can only be from the Joe Collector group breaks. The when and what of these breaks is a mystery that shall remain unsolved despite the relative ease with which I could figure it out, if I was so inclined.

But it's easier to not be so inclined so you'll just have to trust me. These are from Stusigpi. They are awesome. Here is a little sampling of what was in my stack.

Chris Gimenez 2010 Topps Heritage

I just wanted to bring to everyones attention that last year with the Indians in 111 at bats, Gimenez had slash stats of .144/.256/.243. So yeah...nice call on the "2009 Rookie Star" list.

* Oh Crap! I forgot that I had to finish this post.

Oh well.

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