Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Night Owl: CC is dead to me edition

More cards form Night Owl. Let me know what you think.

CC Sabathia 2002 Donruss Classics

I was going to go into a big, long winded post here about why CC is dead to me. But I can't. It will take too long and should get it's own post or something. This is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Celebrating the sweet cards that Night Owl sent me about 4 years ago.

So I'm going to save that for later. But CC is dead to me.

Deader 'n hell.

Cory Snyder 1989 Fleer

What's the best way to save a blog post that nearly fell into an endless abyss of self pity? Cory Freakin' Snyder, that's how.

Look at that California boys smile and barely concealed mullet. I have little doubt that Cory is sporting a mullet to this very day. I'd be disappointed if he isn't.

And I love him even more now that I know he used a giant glove called "The Backhander." What does that even mean to a right fielder? I don't know but it's awesome.

Just like Cory

Bruce Egloff 1991 Bowman

" OK Bruce, you get one crack at this. this might end up being your only baseball card ever. We want to make this one count. We have the perfect lighting, the twilight sky, right before it turns dark. We have the menacing clouds in the background. Conditions are perfect. On the count of 3 I want you to look super badass. Ready? 1...2...3!"

"Dammit Bruce..."

Julie Franco 1987 Fleer Limited Edition

When we played wiffle ball kids always imitated Julio's stance way more than any other player. Guy had a crazy stance. He played 25 years and hit .298. That's astounding.

We win't soon again see the likes of Julio Franco. I hope he gets some recognition.

Dan Briggs 1979 Topps

Dan looks like a dreamer, doesn't he?

David Bell 1995 Upper Deck Top Prospects

I always like David Bell and thought he should be better than he was. I think he had a pretty decent career, just not the great career that a lot of us thought would be in store for him. NO matter what, this is a pretty cool card.

Glenallen Hill 1991 Upper Deck

Some players (Carlos Beltran comes to mind) make the difficult plays look easy. They are just so gifted. Judging by this card I'd say Glenallen Hill was the opposite. He's sure making that apparently easy play look pretty hard.

Dude could hit a ball really really far, though.

Victor Martinez 2009 Allen & Ginter

Man, I wish we still had Victor. He had a different handshake for all of his teammates. That's awesome. Now, we just have to look forward to Carlos Santana. Hopefully sometime this year.

Come to think of it, that's not such a bad thing.

Tony Perezchica 1992 Stadium Club

The back of Tony's card states "insufficient major league data available for an accurate analysis of batting strengths and weaknesses."

But let's forget about that for a moment. New Mexico State just took the lead over Michigan State. Usually I'd pull (lightly) for Michigan State because they are in the Big 10, but I know 2 lovely ladies that may be happy to see New Mexico State pull that one out.

Dennis Martinez 1997 Stadium Club

El Presidente

That's a great nickname.

Grady Sizemore 2007 Bowman's Best

Bowman's Best has quietly become one of my favorite products. 2007 in particular was great. the cards are so think and shiny and smooth. I absolutely love this card.

Thanks night Owl.

More to come.


night owl said...

A college football reference? Well, I guess spring practice has begun. But I don't think that's what you meant. Someday you'll join us in April.

Glad you liked the cards.

gcrl said...

i think glenallen hill also knocked piazza out at home plate once.