Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TBL Card Fest: Motherscratcher and Dubbs

There are more new submissions over at Cheese and Beer to the Big Lebowski Card Fest. This thing has taken off so fast that I'm doing a very poor job keeping up. I've been trying to spread out the posts on the cards that have been emailed to me. It occurs to me now that maybe the people who have worked so hard on these great cards would be happier if I, you know, actually posted them. So I should be able to get all of the remaining cards I have up tonight. The plan is to post them in about 6 posts a held hour apart.

So, keep checking back throughout the night for all of the TBL goodness as my co-conspirators and I get to joking and making with the funny stuff.

Here is the only one I've completed. I actually finished it this weekend and haven't had time to produce any others. I have some ideas, though. Those of you who know my love for Turkey Red should not be surprised.

Jesus #02 2007 Turkey Red

Here is Jesus Quintana shining his ball. Unfortunately doing this very thing (or something similar) with land you in chino for 6 months. Live and learn.

Here are is the link to Dubbs 3 latest submissions:

Bunny #02 1988 Topps

Malibu Police Chief #01 1990 Topps

Autobahn #02 2008 Upper Deck Timelines

For those of you who have sent me submissions and are wondering what the heck I'm doing with the labeling, there is a method to my madness. Once I get the cards up I will work on updating the links to the right hand side of the blog. Hopefully once you see it it will all make sense and make it easier to find the cards you want to see.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

Keep checking back. I hope this plan comes together.


Dubbs said...

It shows care, motion, and attention.

A great submission to say the least. Your art is a craft beyond compare. Well done, sir.

8-year olds, Dude.

beardy said...

Did you make that Jesus illustration, or did you find it somewhere? Works really well on the Turkey Red design. Well done sir.

The war's over motherscratcher, condolences, the bums lost!