Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad Wax Break: 2004 Upper Deck Vintage

Here are the 2 packs I got for the group break at Bad Wax. 2004 Uper Deck Vintage.

Pack 1

Matt Roney7 #114 I have no smart ass comments I can think of for Matt Roney

Benito Santiago #42 I don't think that Benito gets enough credit for how good he was.

Bernie Williams #107

Randy Johnson #72 Now we're talking. Randy Johnson. What a handsome man.

David Wells #97 David Wells, the man who once threw a no-hitter with a half eaten cheese steak sanwhich in his back pocket and didn't lose a single onion. Or, something like that.

Here is the card they give you if you did NOT pull a relic or auto (forshadowing?)

A.J. Pierzynski #205 I hate this asshole. I don't thik that puts me in very exclusive company.

Alex Escobar #31 My first Indian. What a happy day

Jamie Moyer #251 This is form 2004. Loook at how old Jamie is. He can't have much left in the tank. He certainly won't be pitching 3-4 years from this card.....right?

Pack Grade: ehhhhh 2/5 Nothing spectacular.

Pack 2:
Esteban Loaiza #130 Man, Loaiza sure had a good year right before this card. What happened to this guy. It seemed like he only pitched well against the Tribe for some reason.

Freddy Garcia #87

Robb Quinlan #208 Why the two "r"s Robb? A little pretentius don't you think?

Alex Rodriguez #7 I don't care what you think about this guy. Getting A-Rod is a good oull. And look at him back in the loosey goosey era when he wqas using steroids. Look how much bigger he is. He definately stopped when he got to NY, right\?......right? Anyone back me up here?

Mark Mulder #149 I consider this a decent pull. Mulderused to be great. What ever happened to this guy?

Jim Thome Steller Stat Men #SSSM-15 There it is!!!!!My awesome pull of the day!!!!! Who would have thought that I would pull this card? And, it's Thome to boot... a former Trabesman. I love Thome. Can't believe I pulled the relic here. This is exciting.

Adam Kennedy #118 I Got Nothin'

Wes Helms #279 Nothin' again.

Placido Polanco #29

Pack Prognosis 4.5/5

Hard to think of a better pack. I got plenty of stiffs but how can you complain about that when you also have A-Rod and The Jim Thome Relic.

Thanks Chemgod. I'll keep in these breaks. That was fun.

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