Friday, May 29, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 13 & 14

I'm playing from behind for the second time in this inaugural Turk-Off. Beardy is ahead by 1 pack, and since we both may have exhausted our hits the lead may be too much to overcome. I will not lose hope, however, and Beardy has shown a propensity to open really really terrible packs at times.

We shall overcome!

Before we get to the packs, another few polls have closed:

The best 3 pulls from packs 1-4 are the Rolen Relic, Santana Chrome, and Pettite Chrome. I think the first 2 are no brainers but Pettite over the Helton SP? Really. I'm disappointed.

I forget what the second poll question was because I accidentally erased it. It must not have been too compelling.

The third question leaves little room for doubt. Beardy is in fact the son of a motherless goat. Sorry. Don't blame the messenger Beardy.

On to the packs

Pack 13:

#122 Roy Oswalt 0pts
#154 Travis Buck 0pts
#160 Ivan Rodriguez 0pts
#110 Dice-K 0pts (Really starting this pack off gangbusters)
#150 Ken Griffey Jr 2pts (Finally some points)

#159 Johan Santana Ad Back 8pts (AD Back) x 3 (star) = 24 pts (WooHoo!!, I new I had to be getting one of these eventually and I hoped it was a star. Now I have to hope that Beardy wastes some decent pulls, but not quite good enough to overtake me. I'm back in it baby!)

#157 Jake Peavy 0pts
#13 Play At The Plate Checklist 0pts

Pack 13 Total: 26 points

How about that. A nice hit AND no Yankees! Doesn't get much better than that.

Pack 14:

#169 Justin Verlander 0pts
#163 Troy Tulowitzki 0pts
#64 Miguel Tejada 0pts
#172 Kelvin Jiminez -1pts (Well, it was fun not getting negative points while it lasted)

#TRP16 Abe Lincoln 5pts (Nice. My man Abe. I might get lucky and pull this pack out if Beardy opens a dud. He already pulled George. For my money Abe and George are the best president pulls, although we get more points for Polk or Harrison. I guess because Washington and Lincoln always get all the glory and the other 2 guys could use a little pub.)

#65 Mike Cameron 0pts
#67 Chase Wright -1pts (It's a big conspiracy. That's what I think)

#109 The Captain Checklist 0pts (Since it's a Yankee it might be worth negative points, but since it's Jeter it might be worth one. However, it's a Checklist so I don't think its anything. I'll change it if necessary)

Pack 14 Total: 3 points

So many Yankees. So many. They are really coming down hard on me. 5 points might win a pack. 3 points not likely. I guess we'll see. my guess is Beardy gets 4 points in pack 14.


Motherscratcher said...

Damn, If I would have picked up those packs in the other order I would have evened this thing up.

beardy said...

Yep, I am still holding a 2 pack lead, with 10 to play.

We should each have an auto or second relic card coming to us. So far I've been amazed at how even these boxes truly are.

beardy said...

P.S.- I've always been envious of Abe's beard. You should send me that card.