Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turk Off Packs 3 & 4

After Packs 1 & 2 the Turk Off is tied. There has already been a dispute about the Checklist card I pulled. It features Pujols but is not really a base card. We'll figure it out shortly or turn it over to The Commish for a ruling. I would still win the pack but it will affect the overall running points total. **

Pack 3:

#77 Mickey Mantle 1pts (A pretty good start to pack 3)

#185 Vlad Guerrero 2pts (I'm on a roll)

#140 Alfonso Soriano 0pts
#155 Alex Rios 0pts
#93 Carlos Gomez 0pts
#103 Eric Byrnes SP 8pts (I'm a SP pulling Master!)

#138 Shawn Green 0pts
#78 Curt Schilling 0pts

Pack 3 Total: 11 Points

Pack 4:

#177 Kyle Kendrick 0pts
#108 Felix Pie 0pts
#166 Jose Reyes 0pts
#17 Stephen Drew 0pts (Whew. I thought it was JD for a second)
#75 Tyler Clippard 0pts
#16 Stand Up Double Checklist 0pts
#27 Roy Halladay 2pts

#37 Edgar Renteria 0pts

Pack 4 Total: 2 points

So, we'll see what Beardy gets. Once again I got a pretty good pack and a pretty lousy one. I still think I can win both packs because of Beardy's overall lack of Turking skills. You should see that guy try to's pathetic. He'll get lucky a few times here but overall be stands very little chance.

Oh, by the way, I'd like to address the lowlife SOBs who voted for Beardy on the poll. How dare you? On my own blog no less. A pox on all of your houses.

**I've decided to deduct the points from the Prince Albert checklist card. It isn't a true base card. It shouldn't count.

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beardy said...

Both of those votes are from me. One at home, and one from work. I'm still winning though, which is the funny part.