Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Cabinet Card

Cabinet Card:

OK, I still don't know who won or if this will have any bearing. But, the Cavs have already started so this will be brief.

Here is the wrapper (If anyone cared)

#DPJS Johan Santana 7pts (Cabinet) x 3 (Star) = 21pts

It's not a Perez auto but it's about as good as it gets otherwise. I'd like to thank my esteemed friend, colleague, and opponent...the Beardmeister.

For now I'll just leave you with this:

Welp, that about does her, wraps her all up. Things seem to've worked out pretty well for Beady 'n Motherscratcher. And, it was a pretty good Turk-Off, dontcha think? Made me laugh to beat the band. Parts, anyway. Course, I didn't like seein' those A-Rod cards. But then, I happen to know that there's another Turk-Off on the way. I guess that's the way the whole durned baseball card comedy keeps perpetuatin' itself, down through the generations, westward the wagons, across the sands a time until...Aw,look at me. I'm ramblin' again.

Wal, uh hope you folks enjoyed yourselves. Catch ya further on down the trail.

...say friend, ya got any more a those good Indians refractors?...

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