Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Turk Off Packs 5 + 6

I see that Beardy really screwed the pooch with his last 2 packs. Here is my chance to climb back into this thing.

C'mon....Momma wants a....NEW PAIR'A SHOES!!!

Pack 5:

#81 Juan Pierre 0pts
#127 Ryan Zimmerman 0pts
#180 Miguel Cabrera 2pts

#90 Justin Morneau 0pts
#59 Carlos Beltran Chrome 3pts

#164 Jorge Posada -1pts

#131 Jose Jose Jose Jose! 0pts
#50 Jason Giambi -1pts

Pack 5 Total: 3 points (Damn Yankees)

My God, I've been getting a lot of Yankees. I hate these deductions. I just keep telling myself I'm getting them out of the way early. Either that or I have a Yankees dream box and I'm screwed.

Pack 6:

#125 Michael Young 0pts
#60 Mariano Rivera -1pts (What the hell is it with me pulling all of these freakin Yankees?)

#107 Mickey Mantle 1pts

#96 Derrek Lee 0pts
#126 JD Drew Chrome + 3pts (chrome)-3pts (Drew) = 0pts(THIS IS BULLSHIT! Who decided that JD Drew should be a penalty?...Oh yeah, that was me.)

#16 Stand Up Double 0pts
#27 Roy Halladay 2pts

#37 Edgar Renteria 0pts

Pack 6 Total: 2 Points

Even with only 2 points I still beat Beardy on that pack. Thank God because if I lost both of these I don't think I'd have a chance to recover.

The first pack is still up in the air. We are going to need a ruling by Commissioner Dayf on what that A-Rod card is worth. It sure would be rough to lose on that dumb-ass card but I will abide by any decision made by the Commish.

The Dude know?

It got late here trying to get this up tonight. I probably won't be able to get another 2 packs done until tomorrow after work. It's my early day tomorrow so I hope to get it up by 5 PM.

Beardy, make sure I scored that JD Drew Chrome correctly. I just figured that we subtract 3 from the total for those players from what the hit would have been worth otherwise.

1 comment:

beardy said...

Sadly enough, you certainly did score that JD Drew correctly.

What do you think the Arod card sgould be worth? Keep in mind that you very well may pull at least one out of your box, and he may be wearing pinstripes as well.

No matter how much I hate those cards, and Arod, they should be worth something.