Friday, May 29, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 11 & 12

What a wild ride those last 2 packs were. Good Times. I have to say I'm very impressed so far with Beardy's overall Turking Off skills. He's managed to pull out wins over my 2 biggest hits. I'm starting to worry. I didn't think he'd be able to hang with me at such a high Turking level, but he has proven himself a worthy Faqin adversary.

The results of the first poll are in and it indicates that the majority of you are just happy viewing the Turk-Off and indicate that we are all winners. It's people like you who came up with the "everybody gets a trophy" stupidity that is pervading today's youth sports and culture dooming us to a future of entitled brats who are unwilling and unable to achieve. I weep for the future. A few of you did vote for the terrorists so I suppose that's something.

Now let's gather up all of the other grown men and women and look at more baseball cards!

Pack 11:

#2 Dontrelle Willis 0pts
#36 Tadahito Iguchi 0pts
#119 Hideki Okajima 0pts
#4 John Maine 0pts
#173 Roger Clemens -1pts (Please, just 1 pack without a Yankee. Is that too much to ask?)

#130 David Ortiz Chrome Refractor 5pts (Isn't Ortiz a major star? He hit a HR this year.)

#8 Serving Up Strikes Checklist 0pts
#153 Andy Laroche 0pts

Pack 11 Total: 4 points

What a boring pack. Even with the Chrome Refractor. Maybe I have Silk withdrawl.

Pack 12:

#32 Andrew Jones 0pts
#33 Josh Beckett 0pts
#98 Doug Slaten 0pts
#84 Dan Uggla 0pts
#61 Carlos Delgado 0pts
#ARHR325 ARod Road to 500 HR #325: -3pts (There it is. You knew this was coming. What a horrible set. I'm pissed off that it took up the space of what could have been a base card. Maybe those two were right on the pole. Maybe the terrorists do win.)

#13 Play at the Plate Checklist 0pts (I kind of like these checklists. Cool action paintings. I'll scan it so this pack has something decent to look at.)

#80 Craig Biggio 0pts

Pack 11 Total: -3 points

I guess if you're going to eat crap on one of these packs you it's better to do it this way and not soil other potentially good pulls and packs.

Looks like Beardy swept this one. I made the first pack close, but the second pack was like Dresden. I still have time. Lot of packs left. Lot of packs left.


beardy said...

According to my handy danndy cellphone calculator, you only have 70 pts. Check yo math yo!

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah. I forgot to but the "-" in front of pack 12.

That's why I'm building The Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Way to kick a man while he's down Beardy.

beardy said...

I didn't watch my friends lay face down in the muck so you could screw up simple addition problems.

You're killing your father Kramer.

Motherscratcher said...

Well, there is no literal connection.