Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turk-Off Packs 23 & 24

Here it is. It all comes down to this. I've had a lot of fun. It has been a lot more work than I imagined. I'm piggybacking right on the back of my last post so I don't even know who's winning as of this writing.

It's right in the middle of the Cavs game so I probably will be in no position to do anything Turk Off related for a while yet.

Win or lose, I've had a blast.

Pack 23:

#162 Troy Glaus 0pts
#87 David Eckstein 0pts
#20 Alex Rodriguez 1pts (I don't feel right about getting a point for this douche)

#142 Jered Weaver 0pts
#63 Carlos Zambrano SP 8pts (Nice, pulling the big boys out in the end.)

#44 Bill Hall 0pts
#10 Jimmy Rollins 0pts
#49 Brandon Inge 0pts

Pack 23 Total: 9 points

Decent. But will it be decent enough?

Pack 24:

#52 Brandon Wood 0pts
#130 David Ortiz 0pts
#88 Tim Lincecum 0pts
#39 Micah Owings 0pts
#76 Nick Markakis Chrome Black Refractor 89/99 10pts (CBR) x 7 (Markakis) = 70pts (HOLY COW!!!!!!!! A GRAND SLAM IN THE BOTTOM OF THE NINTH!!! Can you believe that I pulled this card of Makakis?!!! Outstanding! No matter what's happened I feel pretty confident about this pack.)

#57 Miguel Montero 0pts
#18 BJ Upton 0pts
#92 Homer Bailey 0pts

Pack 24 Total: 70 points

70 Freakin' points. Wow, what a way to finish. I swear that I just posted these packs as I pulled them. This just happened to be the last one.

I guess that the poll was right. Beardy and I both opened pretty good boxes. Both go t silks.

I can tell you that win or lose, that Black Chrome Markakis is going to find it's way to Beardy. You get a pull like that and are busting things with =the one guy in the world who could appreciate it more than any's just like the stars aligned. Good times. Really good times.

There's still a Cabinet to open but that's really just for show. I'll drop that around midnight or so. It's pretty decent too.


beardy said...

You'd better trade me that black refractor. I want it more than anything, and was really hoping to pull it in my box.

Even if I lost, that card more than makes up for it.


beardy said...

I think you won. What a comeback!

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah, it goes without saying that it's yours. I think I put that in the post.

beardy said...

Nice pull man!

It was quite a contest, but you win on total points. You got me by like 30 or 40. Without that Markakis you were dead in the water.

Sweet justice!

beardy said...

What do you want as a prize?